Eddie Hearn Spills The Tea On Upcoming Fights!

06/07/2023 - No comments

In an interview with talkSport Boxing, boxing promoter Eddie Hearn gave an insight into his current plans and upcoming boxing match-ups.

When asked how he’s doing amidst his current Fitness Vibe, boxing promoter Eddie Hearn candidly admitted, “I’m alright. We’ve got six shows coming up on the spin“. He’s upped his fitness game just to match the energy demanded by his insane boxing schedule.

The Sunny Edwards Spotlight & London Showdown

Hearn is buzzing for the imminent show in London, not least because of Sunny Edwards, who he’s about to have in the studios. “A complete one-off, you wait till you get him in here“, he said, sounding almost giddy with anticipation.

The Heavyweights: Dillian White, AJ, and More

A lot of the chat revolved around heavyweight action. Hearn confirmed making an offer to Dillian White last Friday and hinted at a potential bout between White and AJ on August 12th, “He knows that we’re trying to make that fight for August the 12th.”

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Saudi Arabia’s boxing scene also got a look-in, with a potentially epic night of heavyweight bouts on the cards. “They want to do AJ against Deontay Wilder, they want to do Tyson Fury against Usyk and they want to do that on the same night“, he revealed, recognizing that this was no small undertaking.

The Tyson Fury Conundrum

Tyson Fury’s involvement, though, was met with a healthy dose of scepticism from Hearn. He suggested Fury might try to hold everyone to ransom, “Fury will feel like oh I’ve got the final say here“, he said, but he wasn’t convinced that strategy would work.

He didn’t mince words about Fury’s antics, either. He reckons Fury has already priced himself out of the running. “He came in with a number that was ridiculous… so now he’s kind of in no man’s land“, Hearn quipped.

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AJ’s In The Zone

As for Anthony Joshua, his sights are firmly set on two key dates: August 12th in London and December against Deontay Wilder. Even with Fury making noises on Instagram, Hearn stressed AJ’s focus. “Right now he’s focused on August 12th. He’s been in camp for a couple of weeks. He’s in Dallas“, he affirmed.

Though Hearn didn’t rule out a Fury fight in September if the Saudi gig falls through, he made it clear that AJ isn’t going to be swayed by social media shenanigans.

To wrap up the juicy insights, Hearn gave a shout-out to his breakfast slot with Laura Woods, which listeners can catch on talksport from Monday to Wednesday. This guy’s got a lot on his plate – and not just for breakfast!

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