Eddie Hearn On Frank Warren: “That Ruins Everything”

06/08/2023 - No comments

Speaking to Boxing King Media, Eddie Hearn didn’t hold back on his thoughts about Frank Warren.

In an industry where relationships can be as feisty outside the ring as they are inside, Hearn gave a peek into his complex relationship with Warren. “We’ve got a very good relationship with George Warren and Queensberry,” he began, only to quickly add, “and that kind of just ruins everything really.”

Hearn was referring to the recent tirade Warren had launched in multiple interviews. The outbursts raised eyebrows and, as Hearn sees it, put a damper on their professional relationship.

Stoking the Ego

Hearn had his own theory about the root of the issue. “It’s too much ego,” he opined, lumping Warren together with veteran promoters like Bob Arum and even his father, Barry Hearn.

“I just feel like Frank and Bob Arum, and look, I put my dad in the same category as well, just need to pack it in and let the younger generation deal with things calmly,” he proposed. According to Hearn, the older generation’s emotional approach was causing unnecessary friction.

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Hearn’s message was one of calmness and rationale. He suggested that promoters should take a step back from their personal feelings and focus on the business at hand.

“My dad will say ‘I don’t like that bout, how can you put him on the show after he said that?’ And I’m just like, chill, it doesn’t matter, it’s just business,” he reflected. He suggested that emotional reactions, such as those from Warren, were counterproductive and moved the focus away from where it should be – the fighters and the sport.

No Time for Desperation

Describing the recent public outbursts as “weird,” Hearn suggested that they reeked of desperation. “They look a bit desperate,” he candidly stated. He saw Warren’s actions as an attempt to steer the narrative and gain public sympathy, a move he found unnecessary and unbecoming of such established figures.

Final Thoughts

Hearn concluded his thoughts on Warren with a hint of resignation. He seemed more puzzled than angered by the recent upheaval, and his ultimate wish was for a more harmonious co-existence among promoters. He stressed, “It’s a bit weird, but it is what it is.”

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Embracing Sunny Edwards

Hearn further revealed his initial skepticism about Sunny Edwards. He confessed, “I didn’t like him, but I just thought I didn’t” However, after a thoughtful conversation and witnessing Edwards’ impressive win against Mthalane, Hearn had a change of heart. “He’s quite smart, quite intellectual…he’s really good, and I think we should sign him,” Hearn disclosed.

A defender of authenticity, Hearn appreciates the realness Edwards brings to the table. “He’s real. He doesn’t care… at least he’s real, at least you’re watching a genuine character.”

Acknowledging AJ’s Efforts

Hearn expressed immense admiration for Anthony Joshua, asserting that the heavyweight champion deserves massive support. “AJ should be massively supported for everything he’s done…he’s a good bloke with a good heart that wants to win and wants to win for himself and his country.”

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