Whyte Trainer Buddy McGirt: “Joshua is Overlooking Dillian”

08/04/2023 - No comments

Buddy McGirt recently commented on his trainee Dillian Whyte’s preparations for his upcoming rematch with Anthony Joshua. “He’s looking very good right now. We’re just going to maintain until next week,” McGirt confidently stated. In boxing, a razor-sharp strategy is crucial, and maintaining the current training intensity seems to be part of the team’s winning recipe.

When quizzed about his game plan for Whyte’s success, McGirt didn’t mince words. “We gotta go out. We gotta make it a war. We can’t go out and try to outbox him or stay on the outside. We got to go in there and handle our business.” This bodes a fight that is expected to be explosive and aggressive, a game strategy aiming to destabilize Joshua’s rhythm from the get-go.

There have been criticisms over Whyte’s performance against Jermaine Franklin. Addressing this, McGirt expressed a significant shift in Whyte’s mindset for the Joshua fight. “His mindset is different. Everything is totally different for this fight. It’s a whole new different ball game, and everybody’s going to see next week.” A new mindset often equals a fresh strategy, so the boxing world awaits this transformation in the ring.

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In previous bouts, heated rivalry led to a significant amount of back-and-forth between the boxers. McGirt stated that he’s urged Whyte not to let his emotions override his focus if such circumstances re-emerge. The pair seem to be taking a detached approach, avoiding fight talk outside training sessions. With maturity playing its part, this could be a tactical move to maintain a calm mindset.

Exploiting Joshua’s ‘Gun Shy’ Stance

The recent ‘gun shy’ comments about Joshua were also addressed by McGirt. While he didn’t reveal specific weaknesses they plan to exploit, he dismissed the idea that Joshua is ‘gun shy.’ He believes Joshua will fight back hard when pressured, so the team is preparing for the best version of Joshua. It implies that they’re leaving no stone unturned to face Joshua’s potential wrath in the ring.

When asked about the future prospects for the loser, McGirt refrained from speculating. He underlined the unpredictable nature of boxing, where supposed winners can lose and still bounce back. His reluctance to predict post-match outcomes for either boxer speaks volumes about the volatile, unpredictable nature of the sport.

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On the question of whether Joshua is overlooking Whyte, McGirt expressed the sentiment that not just Joshua, but many are overlooking Whyte. Nevertheless, McGirt seems unfazed, stating that such oversight is part of the sport. Perhaps this underestimation is serving as extra motivation for Whyte and his team to prove doubters wrong.

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