Dubois: “Whatever we have to do to win, we have to do it.”

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Daniel Dubois speaks to talkSPORT about his feelings going into the fight and why is willing do whatever needed to claim victory.

The Stadium: A Modern-Day Colosseum

“I ain’t seen it yet to be honest, but you know what it is. This is where the Gladiators are gonna have to fire, and I’m ready.”

Dubois’ first impression of the stadium is a testament to his focus on the task at hand. The setting doesn’t faze him. Could this be a key to his success in the ring?

The Team Behind the Fighter

A boxer is only as strong as his corner, and Dubois is quick to credit the team that supports him.

“Glad that the support and the team behind me has got me here.”

Working with trainer Don Charles, he’s been putting in grueling work, molding himself into the best shape of his career.

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A New Game Plan?

With a tricky opponent like Alexander Usyk, adjustments are necessary, but Dubois is tight-lipped about the specifics.

“Without giving away too much, it’s been grueling work. He’s just getting me in the mold and ready to go out there and be a be a bull in there.”

Is the plan to be aggressive from the off? Dubois teases but leaves us to “tune in and watch.”

Reflections on the Past

The interview takes a reflective turn as we discuss his only defeat, against Joe Joyce.

“That’s what I’m saying, but it just seemed that the magnitude of the fight, but here you seem to be enjoying it more.”

It’s clear that Dubois has grown, not only as a boxer but as a person who loves being in the spotlight.

The majority of the audience will be Ukrainians, but Dubois seems unfazed.

“Of course,you know the story, but I’m focused, I’m tunnel vision.”

What’s it like to go into the lion’s den? For Dubois, it’s all about focus and execution.

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When asked for a prediction, Dubois is direct:

“Get to win inside the Distance by any means necessary, whatever we have to do, we have to do it.”

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