Don King Sounds Off On Crawford vs Spence and Adrien Broner

06/03/2023 - No comments

Legendary boxing promoter Don King recently gave an insightful interview to Fight Hype, weaving a complex narrative filled with his signature style and engaging anecdotes. He touched on a number of subjects, most notably the upcoming fight between Adrian Broner and Hutchinson, as well as a future matchup that is creating quite a buzz: Terence Crawford versus Errol Spence Jr.

King began by lauding Broner’s impressive record, describing him as a “problem for the opponent” due to his agility, dexterity, and fast hands. King, known for his flamboyant personality and entertaining expressions, noted, “Their hands can’t hit what the eyes can’t see.”

However, the conversation took a fascinating turn when he was asked about the much-anticipated bout between Crawford and Spence slated for July 29th. Many boxing fans are comparing this upcoming fight to historic battles, including the iconic clash between Felix Tito Trinidad and Oscar De La Hoya, a fight King promoted himself.

The promoter drew an interesting comparison between these fights. According to him, the fight between Crawford and Spence may echo the intensity and excitement of Trinidad vs. De La Hoya. He shared, “As a fan, it’s going to be the one who wants it the most. But as a promoter, I have to say I got to deal with what is real.”

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King suggested that the outcome would ultimately hinge on who can successfully captivate the audience, reflecting his deep-seated belief that the fans are boxing’s “most important asset.”

The promoter had high praise for Broner, asserting that his name recognition far outpaces other boxers today. In fact, he claimed that in the current boxing landscape, “the only one [name] that rings a bell worldwide is Adrian Broner.” However, he also mentioned that this intense focus on Broner could shift with the Crawford-Spence fight on the horizon.

Regarding Crawford versus Spence, King remained noncommittal on predicting a winner. The boxing mogul advised, “You got two winners going in at each other. Let’s see what happens.” In his view, it appears that the allure of this fight lies in the unpredictability of its outcome, a sentiment undoubtedly shared by many fans.

As the conversation continued, King reiterated his respect for both Crawford and Spence, subtly hinting that he anticipates a compelling bout that will certainly entertain boxing fans around the world.

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As a takeaway, while King lauded Adrian Broner’s past accomplishments, he left an open-ended question about the future of boxing and the possible shift in focus towards other major players like Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr.

King’s interview underscored the sheer dynamism and unpredictability of the boxing world. He also hinted at an exciting era on the horizon, with stars like Crawford and Spence potentially set to redefine the sport. Now, it remains to be seen how these narratives will unfold in the boxing ring.

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