Disrupt Promotions Announces Its Entry Into The Global Boxing Industry

02/14/2023 - No comments

Disrupt Promotions is a newly formed sports promotion company, focusing primarily within boxing and with ambitions to expand into other combat sports on a global basis. The company intends to be disruptive by revolutionising and modernising sports in order to enhance entertainment value and stakeholder worth.

Many popular spectator sports which have become stale or tangled up in politics and bureaucracy have successfully been re-engineered and commercialised to enhance entertainment value and engagement for spectators, while also attracting new audiences and creating additional value for stakeholders through sustainable income streams and brands.

The current and upcoming generations have an unsatisfiable thirst for media content and, in particular, a desire to be interactive with heightened engagement. These are particular areas of focus in both the medium and long term for Disrupt Promotions while rolling up many of the traditional businesses in the sector and creating a brand that fighters, sponsors and media outlets want to be associated with.

The company has been formed by a group of prominent business leaders from the UK and South Africa who share the vision of disrupting, consolidating and modernising the boxing sector. The intention is to move the company into the public capital markets in the near future, once the first stage of consolidation of numerous key assets has been achieved.

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Disrupt Promotions is in advanced discussions with numerous acquisition targets, fighters, media outlets, strategically aligned businesses and sponsors in order to enable it to move at a rapid pace with its expansion plans.

The company will also have a long term strategy of developing fighters from grassroots level in under-developed regions such as Africa and Eastern Europe where the opportunities for fighters to grow and progress has traditionally been very limited, while also providing a platform from which athletes globally are able to develop and flourish. From this, we intend to cultivate a world class stable of fighters to contend for world titles in 2023, 2024 and beyond.

Disrupt Promotions Chairman, Nicolas Link, commented: “Coming from an international business and sporting background, I’m very excited to be part of building a world class team and a business that intends to revolutionise and professionalise one of the world’s most popular sports.

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“It’s time for change in almost every aspect of boxing, which is more than just a sport to so many people. Boxing is entertainment at a time when the world craves content more than ever before.

“Disrupt Promotions has huge aspirations and we look forward to working with some of the industry’s key figures in the near future as we set out to achieve our objectives.”

The company will be making a series of announcements over the coming months and year as the contracts with fighters, media, sponsors, key management and venues crystalise.

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