Dimitry Bivol’s Take on Canelo Álvarez and a Potential Rematch & Lopez – Taylor Prediction

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Dimitry Bivol has mad respect for Canelo, there’s no mistaking that! Fight Hub TV caught up with  Bivol today, and of course, the convo swung around to the king of the ring, Canelo Álvarez.

Bivol was saying how he’s watched Canelo morph over time into this powerhouse. He said, ” Canelo’s not the same fighter he was back in the day. The guy’s more solid, more slick, and his fight IQ is off the charts now.”

When the 168-pound clash with Canelo came up, Bivol was all for it. “Right now, I’m game for a Canelo match at 168,” he said. “But I’m not just doing it for fun. If I step into the ring with him, it’s gotta be for the belt.”

And on the topic of a rematch? Bivol’s not taking anything for granted. He pointed out, “Just ’cause you knock someone down once, doesn’t mean you’ll do it twice. Things aren’t the same as the last time we faced off. It could be a smoother sail or tougher than before. But one thing’s for sure, I’ve gotta up my training game to take him on again.”

Bivol’s pretty impressed with Canelo’s track record too. He was saying, “Canelo’s the type of fighter who doesn’t back down from a challenge. He’s stepped up, took on the best across weights. Now that’s the type of fighter you have to respect.”

And as for Canelo’s style in the ring? Bivol was like, “His style is complex. He’s great at setting up traps and making his opponents pay for their slip-ups. That’s what makes him a real threat.”

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So yeah, Bivol’s got a ton of respect for Canelo, and he’s not sleeping on the challenges a rematch could bring. He’s hungry for titles and isn’t bothered about who’s got ’em. Will we see Bivol and Canelo go at it again? Time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – Bivol is ready and waiting.

Weighing In on Tonight’s Big Fight: Taylor vs Lopez

When it came to the big fight of the night between Teofimo Lopez and Josh Taylor, Bivol was reluctant to make a prediction. “I don’t like to make predictions. Only God knows how things will happen.” He admitted not having seen many of their fights, but after witnessing a few Taylor fights, he acknowledges Taylor’s skill. “For me, he’s more skillful. He’s bigger and more skillful, but Lopez is strong. It’s an interesting fight, of course.”

Bivol also weighed in on Teofimo’s controversial comments about taking Taylor’s life. He stressed the variability of mindset among different fighters, especially after a loss. “Every time it’s different with different people. Someone, if he lost, in the next fight he will be less confident because he lost the last fight. But some people, they’re getting better after a loss. It depends on their mental strength.”

The Battle of the Giants: Errol Spence vs Terence Crawford

Regarding the  Spence vs Crawford fight, Bivol admitted he’s intrigued. He has admiration for both fighters, especially Crawford, who he sees as more skillful. “Crawford… he looks more skillful, you know, for me. He could change his position, Orthodox or Southpaw. I like it. He feels the distance very good.”

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Bivol also believes Crawford’s agile movements could counter Spence’s height and reach advantage, “When you move a lot, you can offset that your opponent is taller than you or has more reach.”

A Champion’s Quest for Belts

In the current landscape of boxing, there’s a lot of chatter about potential fights for Bivol, with names like Canelo, David Benavidez, and Artur Beterbiev floating around. But for Bivol, the opponent matters less than the prize, “I just prefer to fight for the belts. It doesn’t matter who is holding these belts. I want to fight for the belts.”

He’s open to a fight at 168 against Canelo, but it has to be for the belt, “At this moment, I would like to fight at 168 against Canelo for the belt.”

Commenting on fans’ belief that he would beat Canelo again if they rematched, Bivol took a humble stance, “I’m really thankful for boxing fans, but it’s not like if you did something once, you can do it again 100%. Many things have changed.”

He acknowledges that a rematch with Canelo would require intense preparation and not just ride on past victories, “I have to go through great work in my training camp to fight him again.”

Dimitry Bivol, a fighter defined by humility and a clear love for the sport, continues to keep his eyes on the prize. He navigates the unpredictable terrain of boxing not with arrogance but with the understanding that every fight brings new challenges and opportunities

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