Joshua vs Whyte? Dillian Whyte Fires Shots at Anthony Joshua’s Camp

06/15/2023 - No comments

Dillian Whyte reveals to Sky Sports that there have been no talks between teams for a fight with Anthony Joshua, as he reviews the current “mess” in the heavyweight division.

Whyte gave a hard-hitting account of the obstacles and hold-ups in making the rematch with Joshua a reality. He didn’t shy away from expressing his irritation with the stagnation.

“It’s a big fight, it’s eight weeks away, and there’s no communication, nothing. It just doesn’t seem real,” Whyte snapped.

The heavyweight contender suggested that this frustrating delay is more of a crafty strategy than an organizational oversight. “They’re just wasting time messing about and trying to trick the people like they did a few years ago.” So, where does this leave us, the die-hard boxing fans? Are we mere spectators of a well-choreographed sham, waiting for a mega-fight that’s never intended to happen?

The Stagnant Heavyweight Division

Whyte did not hold back on his thoughts about Joshua’s team’s possible motives behind this foot-dragging. He speculates that Joshua is playing it safe and holding out for a potential $50 million payday against Deontay Wilder in December. Is this a legitimate career move, or are we witnessing cowardice draped in dollar signs?

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Whyte delivered a damning verdict on the heavyweight division’s current state and the roles that Tyson Fury, Oleksandr Usyk, and Deontay Wilder play. According to him, the division has become a stale waiting game, where the heavy hitters make careful moves, keeping the division in a frustrating standstill.

“In Wilder’s head, he’s convinced he’s going to fight Joshua in December, so they’re doing the smart thing, they’re waiting,” Whyte quipped. Meanwhile, he believes Fury’s potential face-off with Francis Ngannou to be a proactive step, a bold move he commends.

A Demand for Fair Play

Whyte insists that the absence of a rematch with Joshua isn’t from his lack of will, but because of Joshua’s team’s failure to make what he considers a fair offer. He believes they’re deliberately lowballing him, revealing their lack of commitment to the fight.

“Eddie and Joshua need to put their socks up and just come with some realistic offers,” Whyte demanded.

Despite this drama, Whyte remains upbeat about the potential fight. He believes that with the right promotion and support, they could sell between 60,000 and 70,000 tickets.

“It’s a big fight. We would fill Wembley easily,” Whyte boasted. If so, why does the boxing business seem reluctant to cash in on this lucrative opportunity?

When the rematch eventually materializes, Whyte has a battle plan ready. He confessed that he was trying new techniques in their last fight, but this time, he plans to stick to his roots and bring the fight to Joshua.

“I’ll just go to war. I want to go to war because then I think that’s a good way to fight him, back him up. I’m strong enough, I’m big enough to do that,” he warned.

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