“Did you get hit on that rib?” – Joe Goossen & Ryan Garcia reaction after the fight

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The ALL ACCESS: DAVIS vs GARCIA epilogue from Showtime captured an emotional exchange between Ryan Garcia and his trainer Joe Goossen.

After the fight, Garcia was consoled by his trainer Joe Goossen, who asked him if he was okay. Garcia said he was fine, but then Goossen asked him a surprising question: “Did you get hit on that rib?”

Garcia nodded and said yes. Goossen said he knew it because he saw Gervonta Davis target that area during the fight.

Garcia revealed that he had injured his rib during sparring a few weeks before the fight, and that it had bothered him throughout his training camp. He said he didn’t want to make any excuses, but he admitted that it affected his performance.

Goossen praised Garcia for his courage and told him not to be ashamed of losing to a great fighter like Davis. He said he was proud of him and that he had a bright future ahead of him.

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The epilogue was a fitting conclusion to an epic saga that showcased two of the best fighters in the sport today. It also gave fans an insight into the human side of boxing, where victory and defeat are not always black and white.

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The fight was broadcasted by Showtime Sports, which also produced the three-part All-Access series to take fans closer to the fighters and their preparations. The series explored the vulnerabilities of both men, who had to overcome personal and professional challenges to reach this stage.

The fight itself was a thrilling back-and-forth affair, with both fighters landing hard shots and showing tremendous heart. Davis was the aggressor for most of the fight, but Garcia used his jab and movement to keep him at bay. Garcia also stunned Davis several times with his left hook, which he had knocked out many opponents with before.

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However, Davis proved to be too strong and durable for Garcia, and in the seventh round, he landed a devastating left uppercut that sent Garcia crashing to the canvas. Garcia tried to get up, but he was clearly hurt and disoriented. The referee waved off the fight, giving Davis a spectacular knockout victory.