Derrick James: “Ryan Garcia vs Rolly Romero? I like that. I can see that happening”

06/30/2023 - No comments

In this video with Little Giant Boxing, Derrick James talks about his great stable of fighters ranging from Errol Spence, Jermell Charlo, Frank Martin, Ryan Garcia and Anthony Joshua.

“You never know until you’ve done it. You never know how hell was gonna break loose. You just never know.”

James kicks off the conversation with these cryptic remarks, likely referring to the uncertainties and the unpredictable nature of the sport he has devoted his life to. As a mentor, he reminds his fighters to always be ready for the unexpected, a lesson he learned from his own days as a boxer.

The Current Stable

“Anthony Joshua, Earl Spence, Ryan Garcia, Charlo…it’s like we are living the dream. I want these fighters to be not only successful but also big fighters.”

The names that James currently mentors read like a who’s who of boxing’s elite. A testament to his coaching prowess, the dream he alludes to is not just his own, but shared by all those who wish to make it big in the sport.

“First training session with Ryan Garcia was very enlightening… I had never really watched him fight before… to see that, you kind of see what we have to work with. It’s good.”

With a tone of discovery, James talks about his first training session with Ryan Garcia. His approach to coaching seems very tailored, getting to know the fighter and identifying areas of strength and improvement.

“It’s hard to sit on top so long… It’s really hard because I’m not a guy to sit in one spot. I’m moving around… I’ve done it. It’s a lot.”

As Derrick nears retirement, he shares how challenging it was to stay at the top in a tough sport like boxing.

“What do you think about that Ryan vs Rolly fight? I like that. I can see that happening. You never know, man. I like the idea of it though.”

Finally, when asked about potential fights for his protege Ryan Garcia, he remains open-minded. As is characteristic of James, he savors the anticipation and the possibilities, reminding us that in boxing, as in life, you just never know.

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