Derrick James’ Plan for Jermell Charlo to beat Canelo

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“Well, you know, it’s business,” began Derrick James, discussing his schedule as one of boxing’s top trainers. He’s a man who knows the ups and downs of this punishing game, guiding his stable of fighters through a slew of upcoming battles.  “It’s crazy when you have three fights in 27 days. It’s business, but it’s a tough one. Training at a high level is hard work, but it’s rewarding.”, said Derrick James to Fight Hub TV.

The boxing world was thrown off balance when news broke that Jermell, not Jamall, would be fighting Canelo. Reflecting on this surprise announcement, James mentioned, “He [Jermell] called me and talked to me about it. It was just a conversation, and then he kind of went forward with it.”

He pointed out, “I think it’s a good fight for him [Jermel]. I believe he can do what he needs to be successful. You can’t talk about it much until it’s certain, but when it happens, it’s a plot twist.”

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One of the crucial factors in Jermell’s upcoming bout with Canelo is the move up in weight class – a jump of two divisions. While some boxing aficionados might see this as a handicap, James views it differently. “It’s all about speed and athleticism,” he said. “I think that Jermell shouldn’t gain too much weight. He should stay fast, athletic, and mobile. The heavier you are, the slower you might be.”

Can Jermel’s speed and athleticism give Canelo problems? James affirmed, “He [Jermel] will be a lot faster than Canelo because he’s moving up as the smaller guy. The smaller guys are always faster than the heavier guys. This could be Jermell’s advantage.”

Despite the chatter about Canelo’s perceived decline, James remains focused on expecting the best from his fighter’s opponent. “I didn’t watch Canelo’s last fight,” he admitted, “But we want the best version of him. We don’t want to beat him when he’s declining. That’s not our aim.”

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The Undisputed Champion’s Future

As for Jermell’s future, whether he will retain his Undisputed titles at 154, James was unsure. “I haven’t even gone into detail about that,” he confessed. However, he has a clear vision of victory. “I never think about the ‘regardless’ part. I think about the victory. Maybe they’ll let him be a champion in two divisions. That’d be crazy. It’s not like Canelo’s fighting a chump. Jermell is the Undisputed champion at 154.”

While the spotlight is currently on Jermell and Canelo, James’s focus is on the immediate future. “I’m thinking about Terence Crawford and Frank vs the Kid from Germany. I’m not thinking about that [Jermell vs. Canelo] fight yet. It’s still a distance away, a couple of months away. I’m still living in this 27-day situation.”

In the relentless world of professional boxing, Derrick James proves that success is a game of speed, strength, and strategy. It’s business, but it’s a tough one. The grind is real.”


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