Dean Whyte: Analyzing the Boxing World and Anthony Joshua’s Career

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Boxing King Media had the pleasure of sitting down with Dean Whyte. Dean’s a vital figure in the boxing world, not only being closely connected to the fighters but also being involved in the promotional aspects of the sport. From Anthony Joshua’s recent performance to the intricacies of promoting a successful fight night, Dean shares his wisdom, insights, and thoughts on the sport.

Dean Whyte had plenty to say about Anthony Joshua’s recent ring return, expressing mixed feelings about his performance:

“The recent fight didn’t showcase the best clinical Anthony Joshua we’ve seen. He seemed hesitant at times, and while I understand he’s got a new Coach and he’s working on things, that hesitation seems like a sign of something missing.”

Whyte further acknowledged Joshua’s impact on the sport and his personal affinity for him:

“He’s done a lot for this Sport, and the credit and respect he sometimes doesn’t get, they don’t sit well with me. I really like him; he’s a good, down-to-earth, humble brother, and he deserves all the accolades in the world.”

Facing Deontay Wilder: Risks and Concerns

The idea of Joshua facing Deontay Wilder raised some concerns for Whyte, as he expanded on the risks involved:

“I’m not sure if Joshua’s recent performance is good enough to fight Deontay Wilder. Wilder’s a Wrecking Ball, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable if Joshua got stopped by him. I feel like Joshua should fight somebody else again, continue that work experience, and find what’s missing. Maybe he needs to show us something a little different.”

He also commented on Joshua’s recent fight, noting the visible damages:

“You say he’s focusing on defense, but he got hit quite a lot in that fight, his nose was damaged, his eyes had a lot of swelling. So I’m not sure. But we must give Helenius his credit; he’s underrated.”

Views on Carl Froch’s Critique

When asked about Carl Froch’s comments, Whyte shared his thoughts:

“Froch said Joshua’s performance was awful, terrible. I understand what he’s saying, but I think he’s always just been a bit too harsh on Joshua. They’re different guys; it’s heavyweight boxing. Joshua got into one of the most devastating punches in the history of heavyweight boxing, so he has to be switched on.”

He also emphasized the importance of Joshua’s movement in his strategy:

“I think Joshua’s movement is good, so he might be able to negate and move. Let’s see how they put a plan together and strategize.”

The Road Ahead

While acknowledging the difficulties and challenges, Whyte remains optimistic and hopeful for Joshua’s future:

“I just hope he gets the fight he wants and comes back to his old self. Maybe he can put it all together. Only time will tell, but I’ll definitely be in his corner, cheering him on.”

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