De La Hoya: “Bud Crawford Will Be Too Much For Spence Jr!”

06/01/2023 - No comments

In a recent interview with KO Artist Sports, boxing legend and promoter Oscar De La Hoya offered insights on upcoming boxing events, showing great enthusiasm for a variety of fights and revealing his thoughts on the highly anticipated bout between Terence Crawford and Errol Spence.

“Both fighters are great. I think both fighters are going to have their own arsenal, their own weapons to take into the ring,” said De La Hoya.

De La Hoya also revealed a clear preference: “As a fighter, I feel that Crawford has the better skill. His footwork, his punches in bunches are going to be a little too much for Errol Spence,” he continued, “Spence is just one-dimensional. I think that might be the difference. But who knows, maybe Spence has a trick up his sleeve and is going to show us some new moves come July.”

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Speaking to FightHype, De La Hoya debunked the idea that Spence vs Crawford happening four years too late. “It’s perfect timing,” he insisted, emphasizing the impeccable records of both fighters. As De La Hoya noted, Crawford and Spence are undefeated, at the top of their game, and renowned for their dedication to their craft. To him, this fight signifies the culmination of the best going against the best, a reality that pleases him greatly.

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“I do favor Crawford,” Oscar admitted, citing the difference in styles as a significant factor. As the founder of Golden Boy Promotions, De La Hoya has a unique perspective on Spence, having promoted most of his early fights. Although he acknowledges Spence’s “one-dimensional style” has served him well thus far, he believes Crawford’s versatility might be the game-changer.

The former world champion lauded Crawford for his diverse arsenal, mentioning his impressive footwork, his capability of throwing punches in combinations, and his overall versatility. He speculated that these elements might prove overwhelming for Spence.

Addressing the issue of Spence’s long layoff from the ring, De La Hoya expressed concern. Drawing from personal experience, he warned that long layoffs often negatively affect a fighter’s performance, causing changes in style, diminished reflexes, and loss of timing in punches. Conversely, he noted that Crawford had a tune-up fight just four months ago, which could give him an edge.

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As for the fight’s place in the history of boxing, De La Hoya suggested that, had it taken place five years ago, it might have made it into the top five welterweight matches of all time. But even now, with both fighters still undefeated and among the best of this era, he would rank it in the top six.

De La Hoya anticipates a thrilling fight, predicting that Crawford will press the action and Spence won’t back down, ensuring an exciting fight for boxing fans around the world. Despite the odds and speculations, the final outcome will be decided where it matters most — in the ring.

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