David Price Predicts Joshua vs Whyte 2

07/20/2023 - No comments

A conversation with heavyweight legend David Price brought forth some fascinating insights. here is what Price had to say to Boxing News’ Andi Purewal

Price is no stranger to the pressure of the ring, and he didn’t hold back in his predictions. The name of the game? Change. According to him,

“Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte are both different fighters now than they were during their first bout.”

He rightly suggests the stakes are high for Joshua, who’s currently facing a bit of a confidence dip. As Price pointed out,

“Joshua needs his confidence boosting. He’s been involved in bigger events and occasions, which normally adds pressure. But if he’s completely focused on the new AJ, he’ll be happy with the win.”

Strategies Up For Grabs

Boxing is as much a game of strategy as it is about strength. Price seemed keenly aware of this as he unpacked the fighters’ potential tactics.

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On Joshua, he shared,

“If he’s [Joshua] completely focused on the new AJ, you know, focusing on results and functionality over spectacular performances, then he’ll be happy with the win.”

And on Whyte, he had an interesting take:

“It’s definitely an interesting fight for him [Whyte] as well. He’s a normal, solid fighter. He’s always up for the biggest and best challenges.”

According to Price, we’re in for quite a ride this time around.

“The entire boxing scene has changed a lot since their first fight. I think it could be a battle match this time around. It’s definitely not going to be the same. Both fighters have evolved.”

Trainer Ties and Commentary

Price touched upon Joshua’s recent comments about his trainer, Rob McCracken, and let’s just say, he wasn’t impressed.

“I think it’s a shame when fighters forget the good times and always focus on what went bad.”

Will these comments play on Joshua’s mind during the fight?

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Is the old, explosive Joshua about to step back into the ring? Price certainly thinks it’s possible.

“For someone like Joshua, the best form of defense in my opinion is attack. The best time to make them [opponents] tired is by beating them up.”

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