David Benavidez Breaks Down Errol Spence Jr. Vs. Bud Crawford

06/26/2023 - No comments

In a recent discussion with Fight Hype, David Benavidez delved into his perspectives on potential match-ups, his take on Crawford vs Spence, and his ambition to face off with Canelo Alvarez in 2024.

“Crawford, Spence, along with me and Canelo…that’s what everybody’s been waiting for,” said Benavidez with evident excitement.

On being asked who he favored between Crawford and Spence, Benavidez made it clear that he doesn’t favor either, primarily because he has a lot of respect for both boxers.

“I don’t favor none of them…it’s going to be a great fight, bro. That’s gonna be a legendary fight, and I can’t wait to see it,” stated Benavidez.

As an expert in the ring, Benavidez was drawn to discuss some key technical aspects of the potential Crawford vs Spence bout.

Regarding Crawford’s counter-punching, Benavidez pondered, “Crawford is going to have a lot of room to counter, because Spence is going to be in there trying to work his body…but Spence, he defends pretty well, and he knows how to fight in there too.”

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This led Benavidez to highlight what a high-level boxing match this will be – a true chess match of strategy and skill. “Both of these guys are good and they got power. They could end it at any time, and they know how to do everything.”

Further, he added his opinion about how Spence’s strategy might play out. “If Spence gets to that body a little bit earlier, he might be able to slow Crawford down in the later rounds. But if he can’t get to the body, he’s going to get countered by Crawford’s counters.”

When asked if he related more to Spence stylistically, Benavidez agreed. “Yeah, I relate to him more. He’s more of a body shot, he’s more in there, he’s more of a rugged fighter.”

Benavidez reminisced about the time when his brother fought Terrence Crawford. He noted Crawford’s calmness in the ring as something that stood out to him.

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“He’s always really calm and composed, and he’s dangerous until the last round,” Benavidez recalled.

Eyeing the Fight with Canelo in 2024

Looking ahead, Benavidez expressed his desire to face off against Canelo Alvarez in 2024.

“Hopefully, bro, hopefully…we gotta take care of business on this side,” he remarked.

He acknowledged the immense anticipation among fans for this face-off, indicating that he’s ready for the challenge. “All the fans have been calling for it, and I feel like this is one of the biggest fights to make happen…let’s just make it happen, man,” urged Benavidez.


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