David Adeleye: ‘I Refuse to be Anything but First’

06/06/2023 - No comments

David Adeleye, the West London boxer, is prepared for a critical match on BT Sport this Friday night. He discussed his upcoming fight, his current status, and his views on being second best in an insightful interview with IFL TV.

When the news came through that Fraser Clarke had been mandated for the British title, David Adeleye’s response was simple and composed, “Of course, I was upset.” It’s a statement that belies the depth of disappointment felt but also reveals the underlying resilience of a true champion. Adeleye, unfazed, quickly rebounded with, “I moved forward and we go on.”

The Stare-down with Clarke

Adeleye’s encounter with Clarke made headlines, sparking conversations across the boxing world. While the fiery interaction was fueled by the heat of the moment, Adeleye seemed nonchalant when reflecting on the event.

“It’s boxing at the end of the day,” Adeleye responded, brushing off the incident as part and parcel of the sport. While acknowledging the tension of the face-off, he displayed a sense of humor about it, “We were just bored. A bit of entertainment never hurt.”

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Focused on the Future

Wardley and Clarke, formidable opponents in the race for the British title, clearly occupy Adeleye’s thoughts. Yet his focus is unwavering, and he maintains a pragmatic outlook. Responding to the potential of him being mandated for the title, Adeleye remained non-committal.

“We’ll see what happens. I don’t care for Wardley. I don’t care for none of them.” The statement reflects Adeleye’s single-mindedness. He’s set his sights on the British title, but he’s also clear on his path. His focus isn’t solely on the competitors he needs to surpass but also on his own capabilities and potential.

The Road Ahead

As the boxing world anticipates the next big fight, the spotlight remains firmly on Adeleye. He continues to train rigorously, hone his skills, and remain unfazed by the competition. Clarke and Wardley may be formidable opponents, but Adeleye is a force of his own, a boxer whose resilience, focus, and sheer determination make him a formidable contender for the British title.

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And as he navigates his path, we’re reminded of his words, “I refuse to be anything but first.” A quote that encapsulates not just his attitude towards boxing, but his approach to life as well.

David Adeleye takes on Elmir Ahmatovic on Friday, June 9 at York Hall in London. The event is slated to start at 7 p.m. UK time. Following the undercard bouts, the main event, featuring Adeleye and Ahmatovic, is set to commence with the ringwalks at approximately 10 p.m. UK time. However, this time could be subject to change depending on the length of the earlier fights. The match will be broadcast live on BT Sport in the UK.

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