David Adeleye defeats Ahmatovic, Wants Fabio Wardley

06/10/2023 - No comments

In an exclusive one-on-one with IFL TV, David Adeleye, West London’s very own unpacked about his latest triumph. The rising heavyweight star has proven yet again why he’s one to watch in the ring.

Despite a scrappy fight, Adeleye didn’t falter. “Yeah, it was a bit scrappy, but that’s on me. I get a bit too hyped in the ring sometimes, but still managed to boss him up,” he candidly admitted during the interview. But it’s this fierce spirit that adds a thrilling edge to Adeleye’s bouts.

Don’t Mess with Adeleye’s Jab

The power behind Adeleye’s punch is impressive – and he knows it. “I’ve got the power to knock out a horse. I’m not here to play,” he declared. It’s more than just talk, and his rivals would do well to steer clear of that destructive jab.

Adeleye isn’t phased by a messy fight. As the punches flew, even landing behind the head, Adeleye stayed composed. “If he’s gonna make it dirty, I’m ready to get down and dirty too. Yeah, it’s frustrating when Ahmatovic ducks his head low, but it is what it is,” he shrugged, unfazed.

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Big Stage, Bigger Performance

Discussing the shift from gym to ring, Adeleye shared the intensity of performing on the big stage. “I felt every punch I threw. My coaches wanted me to work on certain things, but doing that in the ring is a whole other game,” he revealed. This understanding of the psychological aspects of the sport underlines the maturity beyond his years.

For Adeleye, what lies ahead holds no fear. His response to a potential mandate for the bridge title? A simple, “Bring it on.” As for a possible face-off with Fabio Wardley, the heavyweight powerhouse held no punches, confidently declaring, “He’ll get knocked out.”

Passion, Not Aggression

In the high-octane world of boxing, it’s easy to mistake Adeleye’s fervour for aggression. But as he clarifies, “I’m not trying to be aggressive. I’m just passionate.” It’s this passionate spirit that’s driving him forward to take his place among boxing’s greats.

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In conclusion, David Adeleye is a heavyweight force that’s not slowing down anytime soon. With his powerful punches and unwavering passion, the top spot is his target, and he’s not backing down until he’s there.

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