Dan Rafeal: Unmasking the Fight Game

07/28/2023 - No comments

Dan Rafael spoke to Pro Boxing Fans to discuss the state of boxing today. Here is what Rafael had to say:

“The first step to arranging a fight,” Rafael began, “is not to do it on social media or make ultimatums. Be adults, do it behind closed doors, and you get a fight done.”

“Be adults, do it behind closed doors, and you get a fight done.”

He distinguished between what many perceive as the ‘biggest’ fights versus the ‘most significant’ ones. Rafael used pay-per-view sales and money as markers for the ‘biggest’ fights. Yet, he highlighted that the ‘most significant’ fights were those with historical importance.

“It’s not that it’s not the biggest fight because when I think biggest I mean in terms of like how big is the pay-per-view, how big is the money involved. It’s the best fight on paper in the year, it’s the most significant fight of the year.”

Boxer’s Physical Condition

In our discussion, Rafael spoke about the importance of a boxer’s physical condition before a fight, pointing out how it can influence the outcome.

“One thing I it seems to me…  In Errol, you could kind of get the feeling he’s a little sunken, a little slower, he’s suffering right now to make the weight.”

When pondering the deciding factors in a closely matched fight, Rafael revealed it often boils down to heart and grit.

“When it gets deep in the fight… obviously comes down who’s got the bigger heart… who really has got the more dog. I think that maybe a little bit more Crawford does so if there’s one thing that maybe tips the balance that did, he’s just meanier and nastier.”

Controversy at Press Conferences

He candidly addressed the controversy often seen at press conferences.

“The two fighters… they had their say but they were pretty respectful of each other… I didn’t really care for… the back and forth nastiness between Brian McIntyre and Derek James, the two trainers… You’re not the ones getting in the ring so shut up.”

The Joshua-Wilder-Fury Situation

Rafael also shared his insights into the tumultuous relationship between Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, and Tyson Fury.

“I feel like Joshua was in a little bit of a position in his career where there’s a little bit of frustration… every fighter sort of looks for some type of… reason let’s say… I don’t know if I would air that in public even if that’s how you really feel.”

Fury’s Money-Driven Approach?

He dismissed the claim that Tyson Fury was primarily interested in money rather than fighting Oleksandr Usyk.

“All due respect to my man Eddie but… He wants his guy Joshua to get the fight with Fury so he’s saying what he thinks. If it was Tyson Fury was promoted by Matchroom Boxing, I promise you Eddie wouldn’t have those statements.”

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