Bud Crawford Trainer Brian “BoMac” McIntyre Talks Spence vs Crawford

06/20/2023 - No comments

Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV caught up with Coach BoMac, the trainer of Terence Crawford. They delved into the upcoming Undisputed Fight against Errol Spence.

“I know you guys have been wanting this fight for a very long time. Just overall, what does this fight mean to you as Terence’s trainer?”

BoMac responded: “I don’t try to look at it to do anything for me because at the end of the day, the fighters got to get in there. My job is to train Terence, keep him focused throughout camp. Once my job is done, I complete my job and do what’s asked of me.”

And what about the hunger Crawford carries for this match? “He’s been preparing his whole life for this,” BoMac states.

“One thing I hear from Terence, from day in and day out, is he wanted to be considered the best in the sport.”

“How difficult is it going to be preparing for someone like Errol Spence?”

This question brings us to the heart of a boxer’s strength. According to BoMac, training Crawford, a fighter on a mission, isn’t all that difficult. Crawford is determined, driven, and always ready to go. His ability to prepare and strive to be great comes from within his heart, making BoMac’s job considerably easier.

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The Strategy: Fuel to the Fire

As BoMac puts it, Spence’s words – “I’m going to physically, mentally break Terrence” – only fuel Crawford’s determination. The coach believes that Crawford will rise to this challenge with his boxing IQ, power, will, and determination.

“One would say Spence has those same qualities, would you agree with that?”

BoMac acknowledges Spence’s prowess, but he assures us, “To see what [Crawford] went through from day one to now leaves no doubt in my heart that he will win.”

The conversation then segued into the question on everyone’s minds: will the fight go all 12 rounds?

“We probably gonna be prepared to go 24 rounds, but if [Crawford] hurts [Spence], he gonna stop him.”

And when asked why so many trainers are siding with Crawford, BoMac confidently responded, “Those are real boxing fans…they see what type of fighter Terrence is.”

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What about the possibility of Crawford starting slow and ending up 4 or 5 rounds down? BoMac laughed this off, expressing utmost faith in Crawford’s skills.

“A lot’s been said about Errol’s work rate, the amount of punches he throws in the round, and people brought up, ‘Hey if Terence starts off slow, he could see himself being four or five rounds down.’ That’s not good. But Terence is different, and the world knows that.”

The Future Holds…

In a future where Crawford beats Spence, what lies ahead? BoMac reveals that Crawford might move up to take on Charlo for those belts. And how would that place Crawford in boxing history?

“Top five,” BoMac proclaims, before ending the interview on a high note. “Fighters like that don’t come around often. They challenge themselves to get to that next level.”

A historic showdown is on the horizon, and the boxing world is bracing for it. Until then, fans of both fighters are left with an undeniable sense of anticipation. And as we’ve learned from BoMac, in boxing, nothing is certain until the final bell.

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