Claressa Shields: The GWOAT’s View On The Marshall – Dezurn Result

07/02/2023 - No comments

Claressa Shields gave her assessment of Savannah Marshall’s victory over Franchon Crews-Dezurn as well as reviewing her previous fight with Marshall. Shields also sets her conditions for a future fight with Natasha Jonas

“The fight was quite close. The judge who had it 99-92, I don’t know what fight he was watching. The score of 95-95, though, seems to resonate with me,” said Claressa.

“Franchon did her best. She proved so many people wrong. Marshall didn’t knock her out, she didn’t knock her down. It was a rugged fight, but Franchon showed that her skill level was on par with Marshall.”

What advice was Shields  giving to Franchon during the fight.

“You’re going to have to dig deep, bite down, especially in the later rounds. The fight is close as hell, bite down, and you’ll go home a champion.”

Claressa was vocal about her disagreement with some of the scores.

“I don’t like the 99-92 scorecard. It was so close, it could have been 94-96 for Marshall, which I’m not against.”

Rematch in America?

Moving on, Shields revisited her own fight with Savannah Marshall. With more than 2 million people watching, it was a spectacle of an event, a unique moment for herself. But she’s ready to go back into the ring for a rematch, this time in America, under one condition:

“If she comes to America, I’ll fight her at super middleweight for an Undisputed title. I’ll win. I’ll become super middleweight Undisputed Champion.”

How big would that fight be? Undisputed versus Undisputed at Super midweight in America – the question that sends thrills down every boxing fan’s spine.

“It’ll be me by knockout,” Shields is confident. “I’m a bigger girl too. I don’t like to fight at 168 because the girls cut from so much to make that weight – 190, 200 pounds.”

Shields’  did not hold back when she talked about Savannah Marshall’s performance.

“I was not impressed with her performance. She said she’s so much better than Franchon. She’s got the skills and she’s gonna do this and that. She didn’t know how to acclimate to what Franchon was doing. That’s why the fight was so close.”

A Potential Bout with Natasha Jonas?

When asked about another world champion, Natasha Jonas, Shields showed a willingness to explore that fight but at her terms.

“No, she fought at 154. I’ll go to 154. If they paid me a lot of money, I’ll go to 147. But, are they going to pay me 2 million to go to 147? That’s a big push. But I’ll do it for the right amount of money.”

However, Shields didn’t hesitate to give her prediction about such a fight.

“I don’t think Tasha can last more than six, seven rounds with me.”

“Thanks a lot for having me.”

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