Claressa Shields Weighs In on Crews-Dezurn vs. Marshall

07/01/2023 - No comments

Boxing Social’s Louis Hart Spoke to the ‘GWOAT’ Claressa Shields as she is in the UK for Franchon Crews-Dezurn v Savannah Marshall

“I’m super excited for tonight. I’m just happy to be here to witness more greatness.”

Shields radiated excitement about the impending clash. Her support for Crews-Dezurn, also known as ‘The Heavy-Hitting Diva’, was explicit, showing a camaraderie that extends beyond the ring.

“From when we sparred a few months ago to now, Crews-Dezurn’s body is just so different. I almost didn’t even recognize it. But she looks good, she’s ready, she’s focused, and I’m excited for her.”

“I think that Savannah is underestimating Franchon, just like she did me.”

This candid observation sheds light on Shields’ view of Marshall’s strategy. She believes Marshall is taking a high-risk gamble by not fully acknowledging Crews-Dezurn’s capabilities.

As the conversation moved forward, Shields was frank in addressing the drama surrounding her own rivalry with Marshall, particularly after their last encounter.

“All of a sudden, Marshall goes away for three months and then she comes back with all this attitude, entitlement, and lies.”

“Marshall is speaking about my character, saying that I’m hard to work with in America and nobody likes to work with me. Just lies. To me, she’s trying to do things to hurt my career because she’s mad that I beat her.”

Shields vehemently rebuts these accusations, suggesting that Marshall’s comments stem from bitterness over her previous defeat.

“I beat Marshall fair and square. We had neutral judges, a neutral ref – it was a fair fight. I was the better woman.”

Shields posits that Marshall is spinning these falsehoods to detract from the reality of her defeat.

“She should be thankful that I gave her the opportunity to fight for my belts that I had.”

“Marshall keeps talking about a rematch with me and Franchon is right there in front of her. That’s what she should be talking about.”

Shields argues that Marshall’s focus should be on her imminent opponents, not on brewing controversy or spreading false narratives.

However, Shields’ main focus was on the night’s showdown. She underscored the importance of respecting each fighter’s skills and dedication.

“Crews-Dezurn is far from lazy, and she is definitely not someone to underestimate. Marshall is focused on a rematch with me, but Franchon is right there in front of her. That’s what she should be concentrating on.”

Her prediction for the fight was unwavering, as was her confidence in Crews-Dezurn’s abilities.

“I believe that Franchon Crews-Dezurn wins tonight and she defends her Undisputed Championship. It’ll be a close, hard-fought 10-round fight.”

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