Claressa Shields: “I am women’s boxing!”

06/03/2023 - No comments

Cole Whiston of Boxing World Weekly caught up with the three-time undisputed world champion Claressa Shields ahead of her fight on June 3rd.

“I’ve always struggled to find fights. Somehow, I get lucky and we always find someone willing to step up,” said Shields, reflecting on the challenges she faced in her boxing career. Shields notes that there’s always a boxer out there who thinks they can beat her, giving her ample competition to display her prowess.

While her knockouts don’t always come, her ability to dominate her opponents is evident in her fights. “I go in there and I destroy all of them,” she said, adding that she carried the same energy into all her fights. Her statement is substantiated by her victories over some of the fiercest competitors in the arena, like Christina Hammer, Hannah Gabriel, Hannah Rankin, and Franchon.

Speaking about her fight with Marshall, she mentioned that the experience within the ring is priceless. No matter the amount of practice, it’s the actual fight where both competitors are at their maximum that really counts. “As soon as you get hit, you’re going to unlearn,” she commented.

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Shields’ reputation extends beyond her native America to the UK, Nigeria, Africa, and even Dubai, a testament to her global recognition. “I can go anywhere in the world and fight,” she confidently stated.

According to Shields, her win against Marshall elevated her stature in the sport. Drawing parallels between her career and that of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, Shields stated, “We all need our George Foreman, right? We all need our Joe Frazier. I’m Muhammad Ali, and she was my George Foreman.”

Shields proudly asserts her position as the “GWOAT” – the Greatest Woman of All Time. “I’ve been breaking records this whole time,” she said, reflecting on her journey. Being a three-time Undisputed Champion in two divisions, she has done what many men are still striving to achieve.

Shields doesn’t shy away from competition, stating, “There’s always someone being built up who is looking at me as their stepping stone.” She is open to challenges from any competitor at any weight class, demonstrating her confidence and dedication to the sport.

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She further called out the lack of ‘heart’ in some of her opponents, expressing her readiness to take on any champion at 47 or 54 who are willing to match up against her. “A lot of these girls are just picking the easy fights. I guess I’m not an easy fight,” she boldly stated.

Claressa Shields has indeed set a new benchmark in women’s boxing. Every fight she participates in is considered the best women’s boxing match ever, because, as she states, “I am women’s boxing.” An inspiration and an unstoppable force, Shields stands as a towering figure in the history of boxing.

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