Claressa Shields Breaks Down Alvarez Vs. Charlo – “Canelo will have to absolutely break Jermell to win!”

07/18/2023 - No comments

When asked by Fight Hype about her take on Jermell Charlo moving up two weight classes, Shields admitted it was a move with challenges. She said,

“Jermell moving up two weight classes is no small feat. It requires not just physical strength, but also mental fortitude.”

It’s not uncommon for us to confuse the Charlo brothers – Jermell and Jermall. They’ve got us all twisted, haven’t they? A light-hearted Shields was quick to point out the common error.

“Y’all do that all the time,” she chuckled, “it’s the E and the A that trips you up.”

“I feel like Jermell has a better chance of beating Canelo than his elder brother, Jermall. Jermell may fight at 154, but he walks around at 170 or 180. So, when he cuts as much weight, he’ll be stronger.”

Remember, Canelo isn’t invincible, as we’ve seen with his losses against Mayweather and Bivol. But what makes this fight interesting?

“Jermell is a very confident fighter, very determined, and he just hates losing. To win, Canelo will have to absolutely try to break Jermell, and I don’t think Jermell can be broken.”

But it isn’t just about physical strength and resilience, is it? The right mix of agility, strategy, and sheer determination plays a pivotal role. Shields notes:

“Jermell knows he’s got the speed. He may not be able to keep up with Canelo’s power, but he’s got his own type of power. He’ll be stronger, and I think it’ll be a great fight.”

GWOATS prediction? Shields was quick to side with Jermell.

“I’m rocking with the twins to bring it home, most likely by a majority decision.”

So what’s next? Will the winner stay put, or will they aim for bigger purses? Shields had an interesting take on this.

“You go where the money is at. After you beat the top guy like Canelo, you go where the money is. Canelo has been picking his opponents for the last couple of years. Somebody needs to fight Demetrius Andre. You go where the money is, be it staying at 68 or fighting against Bivol.”

The boxing world is never short of surprises. From unexpected wins to sudden weight class changes, the dynamics shift quicker than a well-timed punch. However, it’s clear that Shields respects both fighters. She knows they bring their unique strengths to the table. Yet, she firmly believes Jermell wil beat Canelo, showcasing his power and determination.

“I’d love to see him and big Charlo fight. But, at the end of the day, you go where the money is.”

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