Christian Mbilli’s debut under EOTTM’s wing in Mexico

On Saturday December 12, three tigers will fight in Mexico. This event will mark Christian M’Billi’s debut (16-0-0, 15 KOs) as an official member of Eye of the Tiger Management’s team. To do this, the one nicknamed “Solid” will immediately be involved in a complex fight while he sets to face a tough opponent well known to the Quebec public, Rolando Paredes (16-11-2, 11 K.-O. ). The latter has already faced Erik Bazinyan (25-0-0, 19 KOs), in addition to having offered a true war to Nurzat Sabirov (11-0-0, 9 KOs) and Lexson Mathieu (9-0-0, 8 KOs) last December. It is live from Cuernavaca in Mexico that Mbilli will continue his meteoric rise despite the current conditions related to Covid-19.

“We are proud to have a boxer such as Mbilli on our team. We wanted to get him to box quickly with an experienced boxer so he could continue to move up the world rankings. We have enormous confidence in him and that is why we are glad to oppose him to Paredes in Mexico”, said EOTTM President Camille Estephan.

The slugger, Avery Martin-Duval (4-0-0, 3 KOs), is another tiger who will be heading to Mexico for this boxing event. Having had four spectacular fights in just six months at the start of his career, Martin-Duval is eager to finally re-enter the arena after almost a year of inactivity linked to the current pandemic. He will be opposed to Esteban Hernandez (2-2-0) at 130 pounds in a duel scheduled for four rounds. Hernandez is recognized as an aggressive and very determined boxer. However, he will have to fare against the technique and the iron clad will to win from Martin-Duval on December 12.

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Luis Santana (1-0-0, 1 KO.) will also take part in the second edition of the COMMANDO Series following a spectacular entry into the pro ranks a month earlier. The Montrealer will therefore be making his second visit in as many months to the Deportivo Cri-Cri amphitheater. On November 7, he had obtained his first victory in an explosive way, in just one minute, against Gabino Toala (1-1-1, 1 KO.) For his second fight within the professionals, Santana still wants to impress the gallery while he faces Jesus Hernandez Ramirez (0-0-1) in a duel scheduled for 4 rounds.

This adventure on foreign soil for Christian Mbilli, Avery Martin-duval and Luis Santana will be the second edition of the new series called COMMANDO which will be broadcast exclusively on Punching Grace on December 12 from 7:30 p.m. The goal is to provide boxing fans with never before seen proximity to the action. If they cannot attend in person, they will once again be able to benefit from the shots captured at all times by a cameraman to thus have the impression of being right by the pugilists.

“The first edition of COMMANDO was a great success and we want to continue to offer boxing fans the opportunity to follow our tigers so closely. At all times, the fans will be able to feel the emotions and the impact of the blows during the fights of our three powerful boxers”, underlines the general manager of EOTTM, Antonin Décarie.