Chris Eubank Jr: “Working Without Roy Jones for the Smith Rematch Was Disappointing”

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Chris Eubank, speaking on The Overlap, in partnership with Sky Bet : “Two fighters will step into the ring, risking it all. I guarantee victory—I’ll finish him early. This won’t be a full twelve-round bout. Both of us will give everything for the sake of our families, our legacies, and our careers. It’s gonna be a spectacle.”

This Is the Pinnacle Bout of My Career; No Distractions Allowed”

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Just weeks away from the most critical fight of my life, I’m solely focused on defeating Liam Smith. There’s no room for distractions when you’re this close to the match. You’ve got to give it your all, and that’s my plan—100% dedication to come out on top.”

Chris Eubank Jr: A Costly Mistake Led to My First Loss to Smith

“My loss against Smith was a learning experience. It’s not like I got destroyed; I was in the lead and slipped up. That mistake cost me. But I wasn’t disheartened—I was furious. I know I can beat him. I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll come back stronger.”

“I was too comfortable in that first fight with Smith. I thought I had it in the bag, but my relaxed attitude led to a critical error. He capitalized on that moment, and here we are, set for a rematch to settle scores.”

Chris Eubank Jr: My Dad’s Intensity Prepared Me for This Journey

“It was a double-edged sword having a dad like Chris Eubank Sr. He was both a mentor and a source of pressure. That pressure, however, prepared me for the expectations of the public. I was scrutinized right from my first fight, compared to my legendary father. But his approach readied me for the path I’ve walked in boxing.”

“My dad was strict, but that discipline prepared me for boxing’s brutal world. He didn’t spare the rod, but it was never abuse. It was a lesson: actions have consequences. That strictness turned me into the resilient person I am today.”

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Chris Eubank Jr: My Father’s Tough Love Was Necessary

“My dad’s approach wasn’t abusive; it was instructive. His discipline prepared me for life’s challenges. Despite my misbehavior as a kid, he taught me valuable lessons that have kept me grounded.”

“I always felt the need to prove myself because of who my father is. That upbringing and the resulting attention—both good and bad—prepared me for the pressures of professional boxing.”

Chris Eubank Jr: My Relationship With My Dad Is Still Strong

“As I’ve matured, my dad has stepped back, letting me navigate my own path. But his lessons remain integral to my life and my boxing career.”

“My dad’s concerned about me fighting Conor Benn, especially due to the weight cut involved. It might seem dramatic, but considering we’ve lost a family member, his concerns are completely valid. Boxing is risky, and he wants to minimize those risks.”

“I really haven’t watched the interviews where my dad appears to criticize me. I saw a snippet, that’s about it. Him not defending me when someone called me a charlatan? It’s a non-issue. My dad has always said that any press is good press. People are talking, aren’t they? Silence can be louder than words.

“Angry? No, I get where he’s coming from. He’s had a tough couple of years, so it’s essential to consider his state of mind when talking to the press. Grief affects us all differently.

“Frankly, it’s concerning that people are using his vulnerability for headlines. It’s not right. I was raised better than that, thanks to my dad. I’m a decent person.

“I turned out fine, so no one can critique his parenting style. My late brother Sebastian was a wonderful human being, and we were raised the same way.

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Chris Eubank Jr: I Keep My Brother in My Thoughts

“When you lose someone close, it changes you forever. Before my brother’s passing, death was an abstract idea. Now, it’s a harsh reality that makes you value life more. It’s my mission to make him proud.

“I think of him constantly. The ’11:11′ he had tattooed on his chest comes to mind often, making me feel he’s watching over me.

“Spending time with Raheem, my nephew, feels like being with Sebastian. It’s comforting. It’s also got me contemplating fatherhood, so he can have a sibling relationship like the one Seb and I had.

Chris Eubank Jr: I Inherited More Traits from My Mom

“My mom is an incredible woman who brought balance to my life. A lot of my adult qualities are inherited from her. Though my parents have moved on, they remain on good terms and both have contributed positively to who I am.

“Despite the odds, I chose boxing. Even though I was good at football, and other sports, boxing felt like destiny. Once I put on those gloves, I was hooked. The sport fit my solitary nature like a glove.

Chris Eubank Jr: Working Without Roy Jones for the Rematch Was Disappointing

“Initially, Roy Jones was set to train me for the Liam Smith rematch. Plans changed, leaving me to adapt. It was a setback, but I didn’t let it get me down.

“Bomac and his team bring a different dimension to training. For the first time, I’m training in the morning, changing a routine I’ve followed for five years. But hey, they trained Terrence Crawford. They know what they’re doing, and I trust them.”

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