Chris Eubank Jr vs Conor Benn in Abu Dhabi?

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Adam Catterall, speaking to talkSport says “We are on the verge of Chris Eubank Jr versus Conor Benn”

There is a rumor that might pique your interest. A clash, still far from certain, but one that is nonetheless garnering considerable attention – Chris Eubank Jr vs. Conor Benn.

“Breaking news…or noise?” Caterall deliberates.

“We are on the verge of Chris Eubank Jr versus Conor Benn,” Catterall teases, with the cautionary addendum that it’s far from a done deal. It seems the rumor mill is running wild after an interview with boxing promoter Eddie Hearn. Abu Dhabi, a seemingly neutral battleground, has been earmarked for September 23rd – a tantalizing prospect if the UK anti-doping investigation into Conor Benn concludes favorably.

Here’s where it gets messy – remember when Conor Benn returned two positive tests for clomiphene? This triggered a drawn-out investigation akin to a court case. With no resolution in sight, the fight could be moved to the Middle East.

“Do you think this is a clever ploy to speed up the process with UK anti-doping?” Catterall poses the question, reminding us of boxing’s penchant for tactical maneuvering.

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Controversy in Every Corner

The debate intensifies as Catterall brings up the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBoC). Both Chris Eubank Jr and Eddie Hearn hold licenses under the BBBoC, implying an obligation to respect the body’s rules and regulations.

“Chris Eubank Jr is a British Boxing Board of Control license holder… They have to apply to the British Boxing Board of Control to partake in this fight where Conor Benn is under provisional suspension,” Catterall stresses.

However, the counter-argument lies in the possibility of claiming restraint to trade, a legal loophole that could allow the fight to proceed.

“None of it’s right, but what this is, again, is boxing stretching the rules,” Catterall observes. He doesn’t mince words when expressing his distaste for this game of loopholes, going as far as to label it a “farce”.

The Promoter’s Dilemma

Eddie Hearn, according to Catterall, could be the one to face the music if things go south. Amid the controversy, the fight could potentially proceed, making use of the ambiguous regulations in the Middle East, which were ironically set up with assistance from the BBBoC.

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Catterall seems skeptical of Hearn’s actions. Could he be forcing UCAD’s hand to expedite the doping investigation’s conclusion?

“You feel that Eddie Hearn is pushing UCAD’s hand here to try and get an answer?”Catterall questions, hinting at the promoter’s possible motivations.

So, will this fight happen? It’s a question that remains shrouded in uncertainty. One thing is clear though – the rules are being pushed to their limits. Caterall leaves us with a potent reflection, “It’s the wild west at times, it’s untamable and they will stretch the rules as much as they can because at the end of the day, it’s not about making money, it’s about making money.”

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