Chisora vs Washington ttonight at the 02 in London

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During an interview with Seconds Out, Gerald Washington expressed excitement, determination, and gratitude. What seemed almost like a missed opportunity for the main event with Anthony Joshua turned into a spotlight figh with Dereck Chisora

” There was a possibility to fight AJ, but we weren’t too concerned with that. The guaranteed fight for me was the Derek Chisora fight, so I’m happy that everything worked out the way it did.”

For a moment, Washington was seen as the frontrunner for the fight against Joshua. The speculations, the excitement, everything was there, but things took a different turn.

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“It was offered to me, and I kind of refused the offer. We just didn’t agree on terms, and they ended up choosing Helenius. But I’m happy, I’m grateful to have the fight that I do have, and I’m ready to do my thing on Saturday.”

Derek Chisora

In the lead-up to Saturday night’s event, the focus for Washington is now on Derek Chisora, a veteran and a crowd favorite. Despite the obvious support for Chisora, Washington exudes confidence:

“I’m ready for war. How do you approach a veteran like that? I’ve been working with Malik Scott for the last year and a half, grinding at Brick House boxing. We’re prepared for anything. We’re prepared for Chisora; we’re prepared for Joshua if it happened.”

Washington’s time away from the ring has been productive. Teaming with Malik Scott, he has worked hard at Brick House boxing, constantly training and learning.

“I have we [sic] have a great game plan together to put together for Derek Chisora. We’re gonna pick him apart, man, and take him out of there.”

Being a heavyweight contender with a late start at 30, Washington appreciates the grind, the ups and downs, and the growth that comes from each fight.

“I learned that from Derek Chisora. He said it doesn’t matter if you win or lose; it’s what you make the people feel. Keep grinding and get better and come back.”

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