Carl Moretti: “The Lopez – Taylor Scorecards Stunk!”

06/11/2023 - No comments

Top Rank’s Carl Moretti pulled back the curtains in a recent tell-all interview with IFL TV. From Teofimo Lopez’s excellent performance to the questionable scorecards, Moretti serves up some hard truths in this intriguing talk.

Teofimo Lopez: A Powerhouse in the Ring

When the conversation turned to Teofimo Lopez’s thrilling performance, Moretti’s eyes lit up with admiration:

“Teofimo was really good, and I mean REALLY good. The athleticism, the speed… this guy can throw every punch there is. He can box, brawl, counter, be the aggressor – anything he wants, he’s got it down in the ring.”

After that match, it’s clear – Lopez isn’t just another player. He’s ascended to the very top, reigning supreme in his division. When asked about Lopez’s next move, Moretti just shrugged and smiled:

“Well, that’s up to Teofimo now. He’s got plenty of options. After all, he’s the king of his division right now.”

The Controversial Scorecards

“The scorecards stunk, plain and simple. It wasn’t even close to what we witnessed in the ring. I personally had it 9-3 myself. At most, you could stretch it to 8-4, given Teofimo took a round off, but anything beyond that is a gross misrepresentation.”

Moretti went on to share his frustration over these scorecards, emphasizing their potential to taint the sport’s integrity:

“You want to talk about problems in boxing? It’s not just about guys not fighting each other. The bigger problem is, when they do, the judges can’t get it right.”

His stark criticism raises a critical question: How can the sport ensure the judges’ fairness and accountability?

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Judges on the Bench

Moretti suggests the solution might lie in giving underperforming judges a break:

“I think that people have to sit down and say, ‘You know what, let’s put them on the bench for a while.’ Tell them they’re not welcome back till they get it right. I don’t know what they’re looking at, but their vision certainly doesn’t align with what’s happening in the ring.”

Josh Taylor: Wide Open Road Ahead

Moving on to Josh Taylor, Moretti expressed his belief in Taylor’s potential and the wide array of opportunities before him.

“He can do whatever he wants. Move up to 147 or stay at 140. Whatever he decides, we’re right behind him.”

Michael Conlon, Lewis Alberto Lopez: A Future Under Top Rank?

As for Michael Conlon, who recently lost to Lewis Alberto Lopez, and his future with Top Rank, Moretti admitted to being in the dark about the contract’s status. Nonetheless, he was firm in his support:

“Whatever Michael decides to do, we’re right behind him. One hundred percent.”

As for Lopez, Moretti sees a busy future, calling him a “tough out for anybody” and suggesting a return to action by September.

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Crawford vs. Spence: Moretti’s Money is on Crawford

Lastly, on the much-anticipated showdown between Spence and Crawford, Moretti didn’t waver. His bet? Crawford, through and through.

“Crawford wins it. Any way he wants, he’s got it in the bag.”

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