Carl Froch releases video of Tony Bellew going after Jermaine Franklin’s trainer

04/03/2023 - No comments

Carl Froch had some fun after the Anthony Joshua vs Jermaine Franklin bout, despite the tense exchange that erupted around him after the final bell.

Joshua outboxed Franklin to secure a unanimous decision win. It was not the knockout he and his fans hoped for, but a crucial victory anyway. Many boxing fans were puzzled by the lack of aggression from Joshua in the fight, but he sure showed it after the final bell.

Joshua patted Franklin on the head and dragged him to his own corner in a tight hold. That’s when Franklin’s team intervened, with one of them shoving Joshua.

That triggered a reaction from former world cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew. Bellew faced Franklin’s trainer, telling him not to touch a fighter. The American challenged Bellew to get off the ring and sort it out.

Meanwhile, and to the amusement of the fans, Froch was recording and laughing. ‘Handbags at dawn’ said the former super middleweight champion and recent hall of famer, before cheering on Bellew.

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Froch’s enthusiasm for a bit of drama adds some humor to the fight and its aftermath.

When someone on social media pointed out he didn’t get involved, Froch said ‘it’s not gonna end well if I get involved. Bodies piled up as you can imagine.’

However, it might say a lot about the fight when the main topic of conversation is what happened after it.

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