Carl Froch Predicts Jake Paul vs Diaz and talks Spence, Crawford & Warren

08/05/2023 - No comments

In another exciting new interview, Carl Froch shares his thoughts on the pulsating bout between Terence Crawford and Errol Spence.

“What a fight! Two machines at 147 pounds… Terence Crawford, what a fighter. That is just one hell of a fight,” Froch commends.

From the onset, Froch was clearly impressed by Crawford’s skillful performance. In his eyes, Crawford’s mastery of counter-punching was key to his triumph.

“To beat Errol Spence in the manner in which he did… he counter-punched Errol Spence on his back foot for four rounds then he counter-punched him on his front foot,” Froch observes.

He then goes on to detail the tactical brilliance of Crawford’s approach, especially his counterpunching, which made it difficult for Spence to mount a successful defense.

“It’s horrible when you’re on your back foot and you’re getting counter-punched,” Froch remarks, empathizing with Spence’s situation.

In addition to his boxing expertise, Crawford’s entrance to the ring left a lasting impression on Froch, as it showcased Crawford’s personality and confidence.

“I love the way that he came in with Eminem. I’m a massive Eminem fan… Come out to Lose Yourself, I think Eminem could have wrapped a little bit more, but he introduced him and he walked him to the ring, and that was just brilliant,” Froch comments.

After breaking down the match, Froch takes a moment to express his admiration for Crawford’s performance.

“He was respectful, he was clinical, he was classy, and yeah, he’s probably the pound for pound number one. Terence Crawford just deserves all the accolade for that performance. It was absolutely brilliant,” Froch praises.

Froch also acknowledges that Spence may have a prosperous future in the 154-pound category if he decides to make a switch, a suggestion that had been previously hinted by Spence himself.

“If ever Spence can come back at 154, I’m sure he’ll have a great career out there,” Froch notes.

Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz

Froch delivers his prediction for the fight between internet sensation Jake Paul and MMA fighter Nate Diaz.

“Come on, Nate Diaz. You know what might happen… Imagine if Nate Diaz was getting out-boxed by Jake Paul, because he probably will,” Froch anticipates.

Despite being more of an MMA fighter, Froch concedes that Paul has been living and training like a professional boxer, thus giving him an advantage in this unconventional match-up.

“Jake Paul is training and living like a professional. He’s in the gym, he’s firing so he’s as close to a professional boxer as you can get,” Froch admits.

However, Froch is quick to point out the unpredictable nature of Diaz that could potentially turn the match on its head.

“Nate Diaz is a bit unhinged… I think anything could happen in that ring. I make Jake Paul the favorite, for what it’s worth,” Froch concludes.

Signing Off

As Froch wraps up his insightful commentary, he leaves his audience with a touch of humor and a reminder to enjoy the sport responsibly.

“That’s my Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz prediction, for whatever it’s worth. It’s a good laugh, they’re doing what they’re doing, good luck to both guys, hope no one gets hurt. See you next week,” Froch ends.

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