Carl Froch On The Joshua vs. Whyte Rematch: It’s a 50/50 Fight

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Eddie Hearn has confirmed that he has made an offer to Dillian Whyte to fight Anthony Joshua this August. Carl Froch took time on his own podcast “Froch on Fighing” to discuss their rematch.

“The rematch is quite fitting at the minute,” Froch started. “Both AJ and Whyte are at these pivotal moments in their careers, it’s wild.”

Remember their first fight? Joshua had Dillian on the ropes, looked like he was ready to finish him off when boom! Whyte lands this crazy left hook. Froch was there working for Sky Sports that night, and he recalls the whole studio was buzzing.

“Everyone in the studio was like all shocked that little AJ’s legs are wobbled. What’s going off?” Froch reminisced, chuckling.

The Lowdown on the Showdown

But AJ bounced back hard and fast. He put together this gnarly combo and bam! Whyte was out cold. Froch was impressed, “Joshua used to be a great finisher and he put a combination together that finished Whyte with that uppercut.”

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Whyte though, he’s on a comeback tour. Yeah, he lost to Povetkin, but came back to beat him. And he got knocked out by Tyson Fury, but Froch thinks Fury was just too good for him.

But now, Whyte’s getting another shot at AJ, and Froch thinks this could be a turning point for both fighters.

“For Dillian Whyte, it’s a great fight to be getting back in the mix but for AJ, it’s a fight that AJ needs to win and he needs to look good winning,” Froch analyzed.

Who’s Got the Edge?

Honestly, Froch’s not sure who’s going to win. He thinks it’s a toss-up right now, saying it’s “probably at this stage a 50-55 a pick and winner.”

Ranking British Boxing Champions

In his opinion, Tyson Fury currently sits at the top of the list of British world champions, with Josh Taylor following closely at number two. Froch offered, “Tyson Fury has got to be number one… it’s Tyson Fury. Heavyweight champ. He’s brilliant. He fights like a middleweight.” He placed Lee Wood, Joe Cordina, and Sonny Edwards jointly in third position, praising their respective boxing talents.

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The Dream Venue

When asked where he would choose to fight if given one more chance, Froch was quick to choose Las Vegas over Madison Square Garden, despite admitting regret at never having had the chance to fight in either location. “If a fight was to happen and had the choice, it would be Las Vegas… that is the place I kind of missed out on,” Froch disclosed.

Fantasy Dinner Party

As for his dream dinner guests, Froch listed Rocky Balboa, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Prince Naseem Hamid, and Marvelous Marvin Hagler. He would also invite Sugar Ray Leonard, anticipating some lively debate at the table. When it came to the menu, Froch opted for pan-fried sea bass with chili and garlic.

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