Carl Froch: “I’m interested in fighting Jake Paul – it would be like a suitcase of free money”

05/17/2023 - No comments

Carl Froch, speaking to OLBG: I would always be interested in fighting someone who can’t fight like Jake Paul. It’s like someone giving you a suitcase full of money – you won’t say no. I would train for it, I stay in the gym anyway and keep myself in good shape. Right now I am 45 and I retired at 36-37. There is a reason that I retired as after a certain age, the weight cut becomes way too difficult.

I wouldn’t make the weight for Jake Paul – I would be 14 stone. If a fight was on the cards – which it isn’t because Paul realised he can’t fight after losing to Tommy Fury and he wasn’t even British level at the time, then I would fight him because like I said before it is easy money.

Also the risk and reward ratio makes sense. The reason why I didn’t fight again is because the money wasn’t what I needed, my health was at risk and I have three kids. With Jake Paul, there is little to no risk.

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Anderson Silva could have done way better against Jake Paul. He is an MMA legend and to me it didn’t look like he tried. From a trained eye, it didn’t look like a full performance. Jake Paul tried against Tommy Fury and realised very quickly that he can’t fight against a Novice pro. For Jake Paul he was in a win-win situation, because if he wins people will take him more seriously but if he doesn’t win, everyone will say that ‘’he fought a professional fighter’’. It is an excuse.

He was beaten really easily by Tommy Fury though – who once again, isn’t even British Level. That’s no disrespect to Tommy Fury, anyone will tell you the same. You wouldn’t put him in with the British Champion at light heavyweight at the minute, would you? Jake Paul thought he would be brilliant against Tommy Fury and fight for a WBC belt. He is absolutely useless and he can’t fight.

Conor McGregor doesn’t stand a chance against me – it’s easy money

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Carl Froch: In a boxing ring, Conor McGregor doesn’t stand a chance. I was there when he fought Floyd Mayweather – who was half my size. Bearing in mind this was a retired and past his best Floyd Mayweather. In a boxing ring- where all the pay-per-view money is, Conor McGregor does not stand a chance against the Cobra. I will back myself 100% to beat him.

I have the utmost respect for him though. MMA is such a hard sport. This is a kid from Ireland who came from nothing and made something of himself. He has put himself in the position to make so much money and you just have to admire him. Would he beat me in a boxing ring? No chance! If he did want to fight me, I would love it because it is another free suitcase of cash isn’t it.

Mike Tyson would KO useless Jake Paul

Froch: Mike Tyson would knock him out really bad. Dangerous move for Jake Paul, he’s absolutely useless, didn’t know he was still fighting!