Canelo Alvarez vs Jermall Charlo Official: Charlo says they will put on a great fight

06/23/2023 - No comments

“There’s no limit to how high I can climb in the boxing world. My career is only getting started,” Jermall Charlo once stated.

When it comes to boxing, there are few as seasoned and knowledgeable as Jermall Charlo. His relentless pursuit of greatness is reflected in every punch, every step, and every conversation. In a recent interview with Fight Hub TV, Charlo opened up about his views on the boxing industry, his potential rivals, and the respect he has for his next opponent, Canelo Álvarez.

“Do you see things there that you can exploit?”, Charlo was asked regarding his perspective on Canelo’s fighting style. His response indicated a profound understanding and respect for his potential rival.

“I look at that fight and judge it,” Charlo said, “trying to make my adjustments. That’s part of the game. You got to give him respect. He’s going down in the history of the sport. You just can’t doubt Canelo just because of that one loss. I give him respect.”

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He further highlighted how Canelo could enhance his style, suggesting, “He could jab a little bit more, you know, get inside the range. It was an interesting fight, man.”

When asked about his views on Canelo’s career, Charlo responded with a reflection of admiration and motivation. “Hey, you made it, you did it. After I knock this shit out, I’m gonna look at your work. Canelo deserves the opportunity he’s trying to accomplish right now.”

The reality of criticism and struggle was not lost on Charlo. He sagely observed, “When you’re at the top, they’re gonna try to make you go to the bottom. People don’t know how to hit rock bottom and bounce back up. I’m one of those types of people.”

In the end, Charlo remained unbiased in his assessment of Canelo. “Canelo is always gonna go down in history. Nobody can take that from Canelo off of one fight.”

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The Tussle with David Benavidez

What about the unexpected tussle with David Benavidez? Was that simply a misunderstanding or something more?

“What happened? He grabbed my arm, and I checked him. Simple as that. I’m not scared of nobody, ain’t scared of this clown ass dude,” Charlo clarified with a chuckle.

Despite the heated encounter, Charlo showed no signs of fear or intimidation. “He’s just talking shit, you know, trying to build his hype up. He wants that fight. I want that fight too. We make it happen. We’re gonna get it.”

Could this hint at a future match?

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