Bud Crawford’s Sparring Partner Steven Nelson: “Errol Spence Got It Coming!”

06/06/2023 - No comments

FightHype’s Ron Goodall recently caught up Steven Nelson, who sparred Terence Crawford.  Nelson shared his thoughts on the upcoming Terence Crawford vs. Errol Spence fight. The talented fighter expressed his excitement for what he predicted would be a “crazy” training camp.

Nelson quoted, “When Bud get in that zone in that competitive Zone, man everybody gonna have to keep stepping man. I know Bud gonna be on our necks, man he gonna have us working so hard, but it’s what we need though.

Nelson on the Intensity of Crawford’s Preparation

Acknowledging Crawford’s intense competitive nature, Nelson praised the  preparation expected from the fighter. The intense drive is predicted to spill into all aspects of the camp, ranging from who runs fastest to even who washes dishes the quickest.

Nelson emphasized, “I know he’s motivated for this fight. This is the fight of his life when it comes to paper when it comes to everything that this fight brings you know Legacy, all the belts, another weight class that he’s trying to go for all the belts for.

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A Tough Fight for Spence

While the upcoming fight is undoubtedly going to be a challenging one, Nelson didn’t mince words about what awaits Spence. “ I don’t feel sorry for Errol Spence, but he got it coming man. He gonna have a hell of a night, maybe hell of two nights.

Debating Crawford’s Strength

Nelson also addressed those who question Crawford’s strength at welterweight, insisting that his power is vastly underestimated. Drawing from his own experiences as one of Crawford’s main sparring partners, Nelson testified to Crawford’s strength.

Y’all don’t understand how strong this dude is, man. He’s strong, man. Super strong. I’m one of his main sparring partners. I fight his way, 168, and I ain’t small, and I’m punching hard, and Bud in there we going to protect them all that ‘you too small’ and stuff man like all right, all right, cool.

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Looking Ahead to July 29th

Lastly, Nelson spoke about his own fight on July 29th, seeing it as an opportunity to make a mark on the grand stage and to motivate Crawford further. The fighters aim to give back to their home city, Omaha, Nebraska, hoping their performances will inspire other young athletes.

This is my chance to be on that big stage again, but this is the biggest stage I’ve ever been on so it’s gonna open up a lot of eyes to who Stephen ‘So Cold’ Nelson is. It’s going to motivate Bud to put in a great performance then we come back home, the city going, man they’re gonna live it up for us.

Wrapping up the interview, Nelson extended an invitation for fans to follow his journey through social media, promising a mix of comedy, inspiration, and boxing insights. This marks another chapter in Steve Nelson’s journey and a testament to his commitment to the sport and its athletes.

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