Broner vs Hutchinson: Interview With Bill Hutchinson

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On the eve of what may turn out to be the most defining event in his career, boxer Bill Hutchinson shared his thoughts, preparations, and future goals with Marc Abrams in an exclusive interview. “Hutch” squares off against Adrian Broner at the Casino Miami TONIGHT and is nothing short of confident.

An Exponential Leap in Confidence

When asked about his mindset since his last interview in Las Vegas on April 29, Hutchinson commented, “My confidence has just grown exponentially. We’ve put the work in. I’ve done everything that I need to do. The preparation is done, all the hard work is done.” The boxer is ready for the final weigh-in before he gets a chance to “relax a little bit” and gear up for the ring.

Hutchinson’s sole mission tomorrow night? “To defeat Adrian Broner,” he affirmed.

What the Stare-Down Revealed

Reflecting on the pre-match stare-down during the press conference, Hutchinson didn’t identify any particular element that boosted his confidence further. He acknowledged Broner’s readiness to fight but maintained an unwavering focus on his own capabilities and strategy.

“I don’t care which Adrian Brenner shows up. Good, bad, indifferent, it doesn’t matter. We’re going to impose our will on him and we’re going to come out Victorious,” Hutchinson declared, his laser-focused attitude evident in his words.

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Future Plans: 135 or 140?

While a win would undoubtedly open up numerous opportunities for Hutchinson, he seems to have his sights set on the lower weight classes. He expressed his intent to drop to either 135 or 140 after the Broner fight. “Either one, obviously I can make 40 if I can make 35,” he explained.

For now, he is open to taking the best opportunity that presents itself, regardless of the weight class.

The Spotlight and Beyond

Hutchinson, whose previous fights were mostly located in Pittsburgh, Ohio, and West Virginia, expressed excitement about the attention he has been getting this week. This fight, he believes, is an opportunity to introduce himself to the boxing world and the general public.

“It’s great that all the hard work is starting to pay off. This opportunity and tomorrow night is where I’m gonna have my introduction to the boxing world,” he shared.

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A Home Ground Battle

Having moved to Florida a few years back, Hutchinson considers it an advantage to fight in his home state. He firmly believes in the timing and believes that all the pieces are falling into place for him to shine.

“Everything happens for a reason, man. Everything has been just falling into place, the stars are all aligning. It’s my time right now,” he stated.

A Message to the Fans

Before concluding, Hutchinson had a message for his fans. He affirmed his readiness for the fight and his belief in emerging victorious. “I’m gonna win on Friday night because I’m the better, more prepared fighter. I’m gonna introduce myself to all of you in about 24 hours. Please tune in and check it out. I guarantee you an exciting fight.”

As the hours count down to his most significant professional test to date, Hutchinson’s belief in his preparation, strategy, and strength is evident. The boxing world waits in anticipation, ready to witness whether his confidence translates into victory in the ring.


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