Bozy Ennis: “Conor Benn? Yeah, he’s been yapping…”

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In a no-holds-barred chat with Pro Boxing Fans, OG coach Bozy Ennis played it super cool when asked about Conor Benn’s consistent shout-outs to his boxing-star son, Jaron “Boots” Ennis.

UK boxer Conor Benn’s got no chill. He’s been dropping names left and right, with Boots Ennis topping the list. This hard-charging welterweight ain’t shy, folks.

Bozy Ennis? He Ain’t Bothered

But when asked about Benn’s steady stream of challenges, Bozy Ennis just shrugged it off like it was nothing. Like a boss, he’s keeping his eyes on the prize and not sweating the small stuff.

“Conor Benn? Yeah, he’s been yapping. But seriously, I’ve got bigger fish to fry,” was Ennis’ laid-back reply.

Ennis Sends a Word of Caution to Benn

Still, Bozy Ennis had a bit of wisdom to share with young Benn. Seems Benn’s got some lifestyle issues that need sorting out if he wants to step up his game.

“Benn needs to clean up his act. He’s messing with his body,” warned Ennis. The seasoned coach didn’t pull any punches about Benn’s rumored not-so-healthy habits, echoing his stance on keeping the sport clean and players accountable.

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Ennis Keeps His Cool

Despite Benn’s constant rants and his push for a face-off with Boots, Ennis is all chill. The way he shrugged off Benn’s callouts shows that he doesn’t see Benn as a big deal for Boots right now.

So, while Conor Benn keeps stirring the pot with his trash talk, it’s clear that Team Ennis is all about the action in the ring.

Training Andy Cruz and Impressions

When asked about his newest charge, Andy Cruz, Ennis disclosed that the pairing came about after a call from Cruz’s managers. “First of all, y’all come on down and let me take a look at him and I’ll go from there,” he said.

The trainer noted that Cruz’s most impressive quality was his ability to switch stance seamlessly in the ring, something which he believes sets him apart. “He’s going to throw in the softball, but he’s switching hit you with the right hand,” Ennis observed.

Despite promoter Eddie Hearn’s comments about putting Cruz in with Keyshawn Davis or Tank Davis, Ennis remained unfazed. “I don’t pay attention to that. I just started working with him and we’ll see from there,” he countered.

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Boots Ennis and the Fight Game

Ennis’ son, Jaron “Boots” Ennis, is rumoured to be fighting in July. When asked how this came about, Ennis explained that they had an opponent on standby in case their original plan to fight Thurman fell through.

He emphasized the adaptability of Boots: “Everybody that Boots fights, they don’t fight him the same way that they fight other fighters.”

On Boxing’s Integrity

Ennis expressed a stern stance against fighters who have used performance-enhancing drugs. He believes that boxing is a dangerous sport and any unfair advantage should result in severe punishment. “When them guys find out them guys got in their body that they shouldn’t have in their body, they should be banned for life,” Ennis advocated.

Main Event Forecast: Taylor vs Lopez

As for the upcoming main event, Ennis stayed on the fence. “It’s another 50-50 fight. But I lean more towards Taylor because of his boxing ability,” he predicted.


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