Bob Arum talks Tyson Fury, Eddie Hearn & Lopez vs Taylor

06/09/2023 - No comments

Bob Arum spoke to Pro Boxing Fans ahead of Saturday’s world title fight between Josh Taylor and Teofimo Lopez in New York gives the latest on Lopez’s contract, Tyson Fury, comments from Eddie Hearn and more.

“Lopez is an amazing talent. Taylor has been on the top for a long time,” Arum said, clearly looking forward to a great fight.

In light of Lopez’s comments (“I want to kill Taylor”) leading up to the fight, Arum brushed it off as nothing more than the typical pre-fight chatter. “For me, it’s just noise in the background. I don’t pay attention to it,” he admitted with a nonchalant shrug.

Teofimo Lopez’s Contract with ESPN

Clearing the air around rumors of Lopez’s association with ESPN, Arum confirmed that the boxing sensation still has a three-year contract. He stressed that Lopez’s focus should solely be on his real adversary, Josh Taylor, and not on any external entities.

“We have a contract for three more years. He’s got to understand that he’s not fighting ESPN, he’s not fighting Tim Bradley… his opponent is Josh Taylor.”

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“It’s a really good fight. That’s why the odds, the betting is so close. I mean, Lopez is an amazing talent. Taylor has been on the top for a long time; he’s an incredibly polished pro. So, I look for this to be a really good, competitive, entertaining fight.”

Arum’s Take on Tyson Fury’s Next Fight

When the conversation shifted towards Tyson Fury, Arum shared that the Warrens were currently working out the details of Fury’s next fight. He hinted at a potential summer fight that could pave the way for a unification fight with Usyk during winter.

“There are plenty of good heavyweights out there. I think that Queensberry and Tyson will come up with a viable opponent and we do that fight to the beginning of September and then we look forward to the winter.”

Eddie Hearn’s “No Man’s Land”

A noteworthy highlight of the interview was Arum’s perspective on Eddie Hearn’s apprehension about having the fight against Usyk in Saudi Arabia. Arum appeared puzzled by Hearn’s reservations. “Who the hell cares where that fight is as long as he’s getting paid? If the Saudis are putting up the money they say they are, why wouldn’t you do it in Saudi Arabia?” he asked, his tone reflecting disbelief.

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He went on to add a piece of classic Arum humor, “I don’t know what Eddie Hearn is talking about, but that’s not unusual. I usually don’t know what he’s talking about.” His lighthearted jab at Hearn offered a playful moment in the otherwise serious discussion.

What’s Next for Shakur Stevenson?

As the interview wound down, Arum mentioned Shakur Stevenson, hinting at his return to the ring. “Shakur Stevenson is an amazing talent and he’ll be back in the ring sometime in the fall of this year,” he shared, sparking excitement among fans of the boxer.

From Lopez vs Taylor to Tyson Fury’s upcoming fight, and Eddie Hearn’s predicament, Arum offered his unfiltered views, leaving fans with plenty to mull over in the world of boxing.

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