Bob Arum talks about Oscar De la Hoya’s new documentary film

07/19/2023 - No comments

Bob Arum shared rare insights about legendary boxer Oscar De La Hoya and de la Hoya’s new documentary film in an exclusive interview with Little Giant Boxing

“I wasn’t privy to it but I remember bringing in the professor who was an absolute genius as a trainer, and they fired him because the father didn’t want Oscar De La Hoya to be a communist,” Arum revealed.

It’s compelling to think that the iconic boxer’s training regimen was heavily influenced by his father’s political stance.

“It was interesting… I didn’t know how Oscar was raised and his relationship with his mother and father,” Arum confessed.

┬áDe La Hoya’s Life Documented

Arum spoke about the documentary that sheds light on De La Hoya’s life, both in and outside the ring.

“What was your favorite part of the documentary?” To which Arum responded, “My favorite part is the one I didn’t know about… It’s always the best part is what you don’t know.”

Having played a huge role in Oscar’s success, Arum cherished this experience.

“It was great. It’s one of the parts of my life and my career that is like in my brain. It’s part of what I accomplished as a promoter,” Arum reflected.

His sentiment reflects the mutual growth and accomplishment shared between the promoter and his fighter, a synergy essential in the ruthless world of boxing.

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Arum also shared his forecast on the anticipated match between Canelo Alvarez and Jermell Charlo.

“Canelo versus Jermell Charlo, what do you think?” When asked, Arum replied confidently, “Canelo. Canelo KO in the sixth or seventh round.”

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