Bill Haney Reacts On The Prograis Fight Result

06/18/2023 - No comments

Bill Haney, speaking to Fight Hub TV: “I’m not taking anything away from Regis,” Haney began, his tone reflecting the nonchalant respect boxers have for their opponents.

“I think we’ll talk to Eddie [Hearn] and the rest of the team about making a future fight with this guy,” Haney muses.

Haney’s endorsement of Prograis’ performance stirs the pot further. His statement, “It’s a warrant,” suggests Prograis has earned the right to step up to Devin Haney, as controversial as that may seem. Is the stage being set for a thrilling clash between these two titans?

The Controversial Rumors and the Future

The conversation takes a sudden turn, steering towards the swirling rumors around Devin Haney’s future. Eddie Hearn has been vocal about a proposal for Devin, post this fight, which raises several questions. Does Bill Haney see Matchroom as a comforting choice for his son? Does the idea of Top Rank appear more enticing?

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“It’s good to have options,” says Bill Haney, maintaining an air of intrigue around his son’s future. His unwillingness to make any announcements just yet further tantalizes the eager fans. What lies ahead for Devin Haney?

Boxing and Business

Bill Haney’s nonchalant response to queries about the fight business and handling of fees by sanctioning bodies further illustrates his calm demeanor amidst the sport’s storm. “It’s just part of the business,” he asserts. It’s a stark reminder of the financial machinery that hums behind the powerful punches and rapid footwork.

As the dust of the interview settles, one thing remains clear: boxing is as much a mental game as a physical one.

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