Bill Haney Previews Lopez vs Taylor, Talks Tank Davis & Shakur Stevenson Fights

06/10/2023 - No comments

New York City is buzzing for the much-awaited Josh Taylor vs. Teofimo Lopez fight tonight, and in the midst of it all, Bill Haney, father and trainer of undisputed lightweight champion, Devin Haney, sat down with Boxing News’ Andi Purewal for an exclusive interview.

Haney Sr’s Thoughts on the Taylor-Lopez Weigh-In

He dove right into the controversy surrounding Lopez’s weigh-in, stating, “He made the weight right, and that’s all that counts…It’s going to be fireworks.”

Despite the heat and the controversial comments surrounding the fight, Haney maintained a positive perspective, explaining that the fighter’s camp was doing its best to keep the bout attractive for fans.

When asked about the potential future match-ups for his son, Haney Sr. said that Devin is committed to moving up in the division. As far as the Taylor-Lopez fight is concerned, he remained unbiased, rooting for the best man to win while acknowledging the lure of an underdog story in boxing. “You can’t help but root for Teofimo and all that he’s been through,” he admitted

Regarding the weigh-in, Haney Sr. had a pragmatic view. “You can’t really make anything of the scales,” he said. “I think that there was a second attempt, so we’ll see. He just made it to 140 so I don’t see why he wouldn’t be making the weight.”

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Reflecting on Haney’s Victory Over Lomachenko

When discussing Devin’s recent victory over Vasiliy Lomachenko, Haney Sr. expressed complete satisfaction with his son’s performance. “I was truly happy with Devin… He dictated [the fight]…as a champion bringing it to a challenger,” he proudly stated.

Addressing those who believed Lomachenko had won, Haney Sr. brushed it off, insisting that the crowd’s bias wouldn’t change the reality of Devin’s victory.

Haney Sr. kept his cards close to his chest regarding the next steps for his son. He didn’t rule out a continuation at 135 or a move up to 140 but insisted that the announcement would be made by Devin himself. He did, however, make his opinion clear: “He is the baddest guy in boxing. He’s pound for pound number one to me.”

Potential Showdown with Shakur Stevenson

On the potential match-up between Devin and Shakur Stevenson, Haney Sr. expressed that it could be a great fight but insisted that “Devin is not Shakur” and any potential match-up would need to be handled professionally and appropriately.

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The Intriguing Possibility of Haney vs. Tank Davis

Another exciting possibility for Devin Haney’s future lies in the form of Gervonta “Tank” Davis. Known for his powerful punches and impressive knockout rate, Davis has been a dominant force in his weight class. However, Haney’s boxing style, characterized by his speed, agility, and technical prowess, could pose a unique challenge for Davis.

When asked about the potential for Haney to face Davis, Bill Haney remained cryptic. “The only thing certain in life is death,” he stated, “It’s a chance that Devin could be at 135, it’s a chance that he can go up to 140.”

While Bill Haney didn’t offer a concrete answer, the tantalizing prospect of a bout between Devin Haney and Gervonta Davis is sure to keep the boxing world on edge. The contrasting styles of both fighters could make for an enthralling match-up, one that could be a significant event in the careers of both young boxers.


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