Bernie The Boxer: “Errol Spence Jr has been manufactured by PBC”

07/26/2023 - No comments

Fight Hub TV speaks to one of Terence Crawford’s coaches, Bernie The Boxer as he claims that Errol Spence Jr has been manufactured by PBC!

“Spence is a machine; they put him together, they manufactured him. But he’s gonna expire on the 29th. His ass is toast. He’s gonna get crusty and old on the 29th. His expiration date is over. He’s manufactured like in a factory,” said Bernie

When asked about Terence Crawford’s workout, Bernie described it as exceptional. He highlighted Crawford’s 8-week camp and stressed that it’s essential for Crawford to perform at his peak considering the upcoming fight is the biggest of his life. “He looked good… something to be motivated about.  I’m happy for him,” Bernie emphasized.

With everything that we’ve been through… to see the little tragedies that happened, little things that happened, we pushed through. They call him Bud because he carries heavy loads.

Crawford’s fighter spirit isn’t the only thing that excites Bernie. The boxer’s promotional ventures have also caught his attention. Bernie praises Crawford for bringing up other fighters like Steven Nelson, highlighting the importance of the Terence Crawford-promoted event, “TBC Promotions in the house”.

Bernie makes no secret of his frustration with the media’s narrative of boxing events and fighters. He asserts that the media’s version of truth is distorted and doesn’t always represent the reality of what’s happening within the sport.

The media can’t tell the truth; they got a lie for somebody to get paid… they can’t tell the truth; they got a lie for somebody to get paid behind.

He speaks out against the media’s habit of following popularity trends and making it easier for spectators to align with the “popular” fighters such as Errol Spence.

They want to go with Spence because everybody’s going that way… They’re just going along with the go-along.

Bernie staunchly supports Terence “Bud” Crawford, expressing disbelief that anyone could overlook his talent. He lists numerous contenders who were ranked number one but didn’t take up the challenge of fighting Crawford.

How can you not root for Bud Crawford who’s been kept out, put down? How can you hate on Bud when like I say, y’all ain’t doing your check? You’re just going wrong; you just really believe what they say.

Bernie also calls out his own promoter, Bob Arum, for not giving Crawford the fights he deserves, explicitly referencing the fight with Manny Pacquiao that never happened due to Arum’s interference. He condemns this approach, declaring, “this is the hurt business”.

Why would he do that, and we win it, but you heard all the stuff that they said. He didn’t want him to get hurt. What kind of dumb ass is that?

Despite the controversial nature of the sport and the numerous challenges that Crawford has faced, Bernie remains optimistic. He offers a resounding message to Bud Crawford’s long-standing fans, assuring them of Crawford’s readiness for his upcoming fight.

The long-standing fans know… It’s the naysayers… All I’m saying is this: How can you form that type of pain when you got your own people dogging you out? Then those so-called Fighters making every excuse not to fight this guy.

The boxing expert concluded the interview with an emphatic note, asserting that Crawford has proven his prowess time and time again, and yet the media, the promoters, and other fighters continue to doubt his ability.

“How Bud Crawford wasn’t the top Waterway. They put Mikey Garcia up there, and the man never thought it worked away. Come on!”

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