Bernard Hopkins Gives Update On Vergil Ortiz Jr

07/12/2023 - No comments

Bernard Hopkins shared his thoughts with 210BoxingTV on the unfortunate situation around Vergil Ortiz Jr and what it means for the boxing industry.

“Let’s look at Vergil’s health first,” says Hopkins. “Of course, he got the decisions to make whether he wants to come right back sooner than later.”

He also addresses the swirling rumors about Vergil not being able to maintain his weight.  A

“He’ll be back,” reassures Hopkins, “It’s a setback but not an ending setback. We’ll see Vergil in the ring again.”

When it comes to the timeline of Vergil’s return, Hopkins remains noncommittal. “It’s hard to say right now,” he admits.

“That’s more of his choice and his decision because at the end of the day, we get back on the plane and go home to our families, he goes home to his family. That’s where the conversation starts,” says Hopkins, understandingly.

The Future of Boxing: Shifting Dynamics

Hopkins also touches on the larger picture – the future of boxing. He talks about the possibility of Spence and Bud Crawford moving up, leaving Vergil to potentially become the full WBA champ. “Did that seem like the stars were aligning?” Hopkins asks rhetorically, underlining the constant flux in boxing dynamics.

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In addition, Hopkins praises fighters in the same weight classes – 147, 154, and 160 – who are eager to prove themselves the best in their division. “Why wouldn’t they and why should anything stop them from proving who’s the best in that division?” he asks, posing a compelling question that speaks to the heart of every boxer’s motivation.

“At the end of the day, you want to be the king of your division and be what I would say the face of boxing,” Hopkins declares, “Ortiz is still in that conversation.”

As the conversation delves deeper into the complexities of the sport, Hopkins touches upon an important topic – the safety of the boxers. With Vergil’s recent setback due to dehydration, the responsibility of the boxing industry towards its athletes is highlighted.

“You’d rather for what happened to happen before he gets in the ring. We want to make sure that he’s safe,” Hopkins asserts.

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