Berlanga: “Quigley Is Not On My Level!”

06/24/2023 - No comments

“To fight is to truly understand the extent of one’s strength, and the resilience of one’s spirit,” as Edgar Berlanga, the 24-year-old boxing sensation, shared during an exclusive interview with Boxing World Weekly. At such a tender age, Berlanga is already crafting a notable reputation in the boxing world.

Berlanga’s take on his upcoming rival, Quigley, might surprise you. “What do I think of Quigley as a fighter? I think he’s not on my level. I’m above him, super above him,” he asserted, with a glint of unshaken confidence. “And I’m gonna display that this weekend.”

He clearly sets the bar high for himself and frames Quigley as nothing more than a milestone on his journey. The question we must ask is: does his confidence come from unwarranted bravado or a deep-seated belief in his own capabilities?

“I don’t have a prediction but you know I’m going in there to hurt…I’m just going in there to just do what I do best,” Berlanga shared on his expectations of the bout. He emphasized, “If he runs we’re gonna bring him down…either way we’re gonna beat him up.”

The Matchroom Experience

Berlanga’s first fight with Matchroom has been nothing but splendid,  “The experience with them is amazing. The vibes are crazy,” he raved.

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Berlanga also commented on the lack of ego in the Matchroom team and their focus on their fighters. “They look for the best investments for their fighters… they’re really invested in their fighters in their careers,” he asserted. Could this symbiotic relationship signal the emergence of a new era in the boxing world?

When asked about his training, specifically his left arm, Berlanga assured with conviction, “My left is back, man, like no other. When I put the left and I touch those ribs, I’m gonna break his ribs.” Does his intense training regimen speak volumes about his readiness for the fight?

In a heartfelt message, Berlanga didn’t forget to acknowledge his fans, and interestingly, his haters too. “I love you guys, all the supporters around the world. I love y’all…thank you for all the haters too because y’all making me great. Y’all pushing me to another level,” he stated with gratitude.

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“If you ain’t got no haters, you ain’t popping,” Berlanga concluded, leaving us to ponder if this could be the new mantra for success in today’s world.

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