Benavidez’s father reveals Caleb Plant’s “ridiculous” demands to fight!

11/05/2022 - No comments

In order to take place, David Benavidez’s team agreed with ridiculous demands from Caleb Plant and they didn’t mind doing it, because all they want is the fight to happen.

This was stated by David’s coach and father, Jose Benavidez, who told IZQUIERDAZO what those demands were.

“They put pressure on him, and I think he accepted, but with many ridiculous things,” said Mr. Jose Benavidez. “(Like they were) wanting to get out of the fight…”.

The coach listed five requests from the American, which he accepted even without consulting his son, knowing that he would accept anything to face Caleb.

Gloves of a particular brand, a 22 x 22 ring, the blue corner, walking to the ring after David and being announced second, those were Plant’s requests.

“I told them: ‘Come on, give him everything he wants,'” he recalled. “David wants that fight and he doesn’t mind coming out last, first… What he wants is the opportunity and to give people the fight they want to see”.

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Those in charge of the negotiation were surprised that Jose Benavidez accepted everything, but the trainer believes that they were reasons for refusing the fight.

“I think Plant was looking for an excuse not to fight David,” he said. “But I answered them that it was a fact 100%, they told me that if I was going to talk with David to confirm and I said’ no’. He doesn’t care about any of this, it’s just bullshit”.

Don Jose was so sure that ‘The Red Flag’ would accept that, when he discussed it with his son, it was so.

“I talked to David and told him what they wanted. He said that he doesn’t care, just give the fight that people want,” he called out. “That we give them (people) what they want so that the fight does not cancel, that’s how it was done, we accept all their ridiculousness”.

Jose Benavidez believes that if they rejected any, Plant would not have accepted the fight. They are only waiting for a date, which will be in February or March 2023.

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“If I had said no, I want the blue one, we would walk off the fight”, he assumed. “We gave him everything he wanted and that’s how the talks went, he’s a very complicated fighter (to negotiate with)”.

With the gloves of his choice, in a ring big enough to ‘run’ and presented as if he was the champion, in Benavidez side, they hope that he will not ask for more things and that the fight they have been seeking for more than 4 years, can be finally achieved.

“The only thing we want is him not looking for more ridiculousness or excuses,” he concluded. “Let the date of the fight be presented, he has everything he wanted without any denials”.