Badou Jack: An Underrated Great with an Eye on Canelo!

06/04/2023 - 1 comment

Three-time world champion boxer Badou Jack recently sat down for an interview with Boxing King Media, reflecting on his career, discussing his future in boxing, and expressing interest in a potential fight with Canelo Álvarez.

“Absolutely,” Jack declared when asked about the potential fight with Canelo. “He’s one of the biggest names, and he said he wanted to fight Makabu. I’m smaller than Makabu, so yeah, he can come see me if he wants to.”

Badou was also quite frank about the respect – or lack thereof – that he believes he deserves in the boxing community. “I feel like you’re one of the great fighters of this era… but I don’t see your name getting jumped about in pound for pound rankings,” the interviewer pointed out, to which Jack responded, “I mean a little bit, but because I had some bad decisions in the past… I would have been up there.”

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Yet, the Swedish boxer remains unfazed and focused on what lies ahead. “We’ve got more to come… We’re looking to have some historic big fights left,” he commented, pointing towards an exciting future.

Speaking of his intense fight against Makabu, Jack recalled the lessons learnt. “You should never leave it to the judge if you can’t get the people out of there.” And while he looks forward to big-name fights, he was clear about who he’s eyeing: “They’re not big names; they’re not what I’m looking for. I’m looking for the big fight.”

Regarding the possibility of a rematch with Alexander Usyk, whom he fought in his amateur days, Jack reflected, “We actually fought in amateurs long, long time ago… anything is possible.” This sort of openness to potential matchups displays the mentality of a true champion who’s ready to face any challenge.

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Away from the ring, Jack expressed joy for his friend Ashley Theophane’s recent conversion to Islam, sharing, “The whole trip was amazing and I’m very happy for him… he felt that it was the right time to convert and I’m so proud of him.”

Jack’s future in boxing appears far from over. He’s a fighter with ambition, looking for the next big challenge, the next historic fight. Whether it’s Usyk or Canelo, it’s clear that Badou Jack is ready to dig deep, to put up a fight, and to remind the world why he is one of the greats of his era.

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  1. lmfao, “one of the greats of his Era” – Bodo Jack is a overrated bum who “won” like half a dozen fights through robberies. He himself thinks he is a p4p fighter? LOL Who wrote this? Allah? GTFOH

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