Artem Harutyunyan ready for Frank Martin Tonight, Live On Showtime

07/15/2023 - No comments

Tonight, in the heart of Las Vegas and live on Showtime, undefeated bronze medalist Artem Harutyunyan is preparing to step into the ring against Frank Martin. Despite being underestimated by many, Harutyunyan is eager to shatter expectations and put on a show.

“This is my first time in the United States, in Las Vegas. It’s been a dream of mine—probably every boxer’s dream—to fight here,” Harutyunyan confessed in a recent interview with Fight Hype. “I can’t wait for Saturday to step into the ring with Frank Martin.”

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Harutyunyan is keen to prove his talent, showcasing his distinctive boxing style to the world. “I think this fight will be spectacular. People aren’t familiar with my style yet, and I’m eager to show everyone the essence of German and Armenian boxing,” he expressed with determination.

Harutyunyan, describing himself as an “all-round boxer”, has a flexible fighting style. “I can adapt—I can be aggressive, or I can hang back and be a counter-puncher. It all depends on how my opponent fights.”

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When asked about Frank Martin’s pledge to win by knockout, Harutyunyan shrugged it off. “That’s always the plan, isn’t it? Every opponent I’ve faced has said they’ll win by knockout. Yet, here I am,” he confidently asserted, dismissing the possibility.

The prospect of a tough, close-quarters fight doesn’t faze Harutyunyan either. If the fight needs to be taken toe-to-toe, he’s more than ready. “I’m prepared for everything. I have a long amateur career, with almost 250 fights. I’ve faced every style you can imagine, so nothing will surprise me,” he added.

The Underdog Factor

Being considered the underdog doesn’t bother Harutyunyan. Quite the contrary, it seems to fan his fighting spirit. “Being here feels like I’m back in my hometown. That’s a good sign, and it means a lot,” he shared. His aim is to provide an unforgettable spectacle and leave the crowd hungry for more.

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“I had a wow moment when I arrived in Las Vegas—big city, big noise. I want to take that feeling into the ring and give the crowd a performance that will have them saying ‘wow, that was something. We want to see Harutyunyan again’,” he said.

When probed about his prediction for the fight, Harutyunyan opted to keep it vague. “Let the judges decide. You can’t force a knockout,” he remarked.

As for his future plans, Harutyunyan is ready to take on the world champions. His sights are set on challenging current lightweight champion Devin Haney, or even stepping up to the super lightweight class to take on the reigning champ, Gervonta Davis. It’s clear that this fight is just one step in Harutyunyan’s ambitious career plan.

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