Antonio Tarver’s Take On Canelo Alvarez and a Potential Comeback

06/04/2023 - No comments

Recently, Fight Hub TV had the opportunity to catch up with boxing superstar Antonio Tarver, who shared his take on Canelo Alvarez’s career, the current state of boxing, and even the exciting prospect of his return to the ring.

Canelo, the boxing world’s Mexican marvel, has been receiving some heat lately, especially after his most recent bout with John Ryder. Critics are questioning whether he’s lost his edge, with many speculating that he may have already peaked.

Commenting on Canelo, Tarver argued, “Canelo’s still got his magic. But hey, if it’s time for him to pass the torch, he should pick someone worthy, you know?” He urged Canelo to rise to the challenge of facing a formidable contender, someone deserving enough to carry forward his legacy.

Tarver didn’t shy away from expressing his dissatisfaction with the current boxing landscape. “They aren’t giving deserving fighters a fair shot at proving their mettle,” he said. In his view, talent isn’t enough today if you’re not connected to the right people who can pave the way for opportunities.

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When the discussion shifted to Canelo’s rumored rematch with Dmitry Bivol, Tarver was clear-cut. “I didn’t think the first match was a good idea… if he can’t beat Bivol, and I honestly think he can’t, then he should have seen it was a wrong move.” According to Tarver, Bivol’s technical prowess far exceeds Canelo’s, making this rematch a questionable decision for Canelo.

As for the possibility of Canelo stepping into the ring with former champion Badou Jack, Tarver was equally candid. “What’s in it for Canelo?” Although he has high regard for Jack, he doesn’t see this matchup as a stepping stone for Canelo.

On a lighter note, Tarver playfully chimed in on the growing trend of exhibition fights. “Everyone’s jumping onto this exhibition bandwagon, except for the Magic Man. What’s up with that? Aren’t people interested in seeing the Magic Man throw some punches again?” he joked.

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Even at 54, Tarver hasn’t lost his fighting spirit. He sparked interest by suggesting a friendly face-off against Mike Tyson, guaranteeing that he’d last eight rounds.

“I’m just a couple of years younger than Tyson, and we’ve both kept ourselves in pretty good shape… So, why not? I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and train for an exhibition like that. How about a Tyson vs. Tarver? Who’s in?” Tarver said, leaving us on an intriguing note.

As we navigate through the dynamic world of professional boxing, Antonio Tarver’s insights are a testament to the resilience, relentless challenge, and undying spirit that the sport embodies. We’re not sure if Canelo will take his advice to heart, but one thing’s for sure – the idea of a Tyson-Tarver exhibition match has definitely stirred up our excitement.

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