Anthony Joshua: A Closer Look at Doping in Boxing and What’s Next

08/09/2023 - No comments

Anthony Joshua gave Seconds Out an interview to discuss his views on doping in the sport, his relationship with his countryman Dillian White, and what we can expect from him in the future.

Joshua addresses the issue of drug cheats, expressing his relief about investing in anti-doping measures.

“It’s happened man, it happens in the sport, it’s not new. I’m just happy I invest in this anti-doping stuff because if not, I’ll be fighting people and I’m having an unfair advantage.”

He also refers to Dillian Whyte, with whom he has a history. He emphasizes that he doesn’t wish ill on anyone and that he isn’t celebrating Whyte’s downfall.

“Look, I don’t wish bad on anyone. I’m like sitting there laughing at Dillian Whyte’s downfall. But what he’s going through is difficult for him, but it’s not good for boxing.”

When asked about whether Whyte should be allowed to fight again if the doping allegations are true, Joshua remains neutral.

“Why would you make a mockery out of him when there’s so many other fighters that have been found to be guilty and they’re still fine? I find it strange. […] I don’t know what the rules of it are.”

On His Upcoming Fight with Helenius

When questioned about his upcoming bout with Helenius and the pressure to perform after Helenius was previously knocked out early, Joshua responds:

“Just win, because all this stuff will be forgotten about in a week to 10 days, and if I get the victory, which I’m planning to, they’ll be saying what’s next.”

This pragmatic perspective reveals Joshua’s focus on victory and his awareness of the fickle nature of public opinion.

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On Working with New Trainer Derrick James

When asked about what to expect from his work with new trainerĀ  James, Joshua’s response is brief but telling:

“Confidence, maybe confidence.”

This suggests that confidence is a key area of development for Joshua, possibly indicating a new approach or mindset going into his next fight.


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