Andy Ruiz not available to fight Tyson Fury on December, according to his father and manager

10/02/2022 - No comments

Andy Ruiz will not be available to fight Tyson Fury on December 3rd, according to his father and manager, Andres Ruiz, who prefers his son to face the WBC heavyweight champion in May 2023.

Even if John Fury says that Ruiz is one of the options to fight Tyson if negotiations with Anthony Joshua are not successful, Andres Ruiz is not optimistic about that. And reveals that there are no negotiations ongoing to fight with Tyson Fury.

“They have not told us anything about that fight for December”, Andres Ruiz told IZQUIERDAZO on Saturday. “We haven’t talked with them, but I don’t think December (is a possibility). Not for that date, since Andy is on vacation. He will resume training in November or December”.

Andres Ruiz clarifies that they want to fight Tyson Fury on a later date, not December.

“We would like to fight Tyson Fury”, Andres Ruiz said. “I would like that fight to be done for May 5th, a celebration day for the Mexican nation. Andy and Tyson Fury are friends, and that fight can be done because they get along well, and that fight can be done with Tyson Fury. If there is an offer for next year, of course we would accept it”.

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Ruiz is enthusiastic for a hypothetical fight with Tyson Fury on May 5th, since Canelo would not be fighting on that date, since his hand will require surgery.

“Remember that Canelo is not going to fight (on May 5th), so that would be a good fight for Andy in May (against Tyson Fury”, Ruiz said. “Thats what we want”.

Andy Ruiz’ relationship with PBC is still under contract, Andres clarifies.

“We are with PBC and we have one more fight to do with them (under contract)”, Ruiz said. “We are in negotiations, and let’s see what they want for Andy”