Andy Lee Reacts To Quigley – Berlanga Result

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Andy Lee spoke to Ayman Khan of Seconds Out following Jason Quigley’s loss to Edgar Berlanga in New York:

“It was a tough fight,” Andy admits right at the outset. “Physically he’s fine, but emotionally, he’s disappointed.” He further noted that Jason was taken to the hospital as a precaution, showing just how gruelling the fight had been. “His hands are fine, his face is fine but it was tough. A bruising fight.”

“I think he was more composed, more focused,” he noted. “This fight showed a bit more of what Jason really is. It’s not a victory but in some ways, a moral victory for Jason.”

The boxing world was rife with the notion that Berlanga would steamroll over Quigley in just four or five rounds. However, the bout took a different turn, with Quigley presenting Berlanga with more trouble than expected.

“He’s only improved. He’s only starting to find himself now as a fighter, really finding an identity of who he is and what he is,” Lee posited, not discounting the possibility of Quigley making a strong comeback.

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However, as the fight entered the twelfth round, some questioned whether this could be the end of Quigley’s story. Lee dismissed such speculation, stating emphatically, “No, it wasn’t the end. Only he [Quigley] will decide that.”

The Final Scores

“I thought he was right in the fight,” Lee affirmed. “I thought he won about maybe five rounds in a row after the knockdowns and third round.”

The credit for Berlanga’s win, however, was also undeniable. Lee admitted that the opponent exhibited an improved strategy, proving to be a stronger competitor than previously observed.

“Berlanga was much better last night than he had been in previous fights. There was no launching in, no falling in with his punches. He was quite composed, walked Jason down and landed punches on target.”

Post-fight, both fighters emerged with enhanced reputations despite the evident winner and loser. Lee, as a coach and analyst, picked up on Berlanga tiring after the first four rounds. He pointed out that it was in fact Quigley’s actions that upset Berlanga and created openings for Jason to potentially capitalize on.

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“It was what Jason was doing that was upsetting him [Berlanga]. Once he settled into the fight, I knew he was going to get better. The longer it goes, the better for you,” Lee noted.

Looking ahead, Lee discussed Quigley’s return to the ring and the level of opposition he would ideally face.

“He’s proven his level, his quality, and we’re always up for challenges,” Lee stated confidently. “He can have a good rest now, and then maybe a fight in Dublin again by the end of the year against anybody.”

Finally, the interview touched on the possibility of a fight between Andy Ruiz and Dylan Whyte, with the former allegedly sending a contract to the latter’s team. However, Lee was not forthcoming on this topic, concluding the interview with a simple, “It’s speculation. I have no idea about that fight.”

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